Unemployed for 2 years, No one wants me anymore.

  1. I was always a go getter, I did my work effectively, improved my self with courses, seminars, CEUS, and always wanted to learn more about my job as an RN...especially the practical side....however...it means diddly now...after being out of the loop for over 2 years after being let go from my job for lack of work*yes I kid you not) as well as many others in my facility for the same reason...the real reason was money....I am at a major standstill in my career....I have been injured too many times at work to count and this has changed my direction in Nursing. I cannot even get a stupid medical office job...They say I am over qualified....tell me something...when you tell the Recruitor you are changing your career choice due to the inability to do heavy lifting and physical work does this affect your whole Nursing career? Do they hold this against you when you are applying for a position, I think they do...secretly....where is this so called Nursing shortage? And what the hell are these facilities looking for".....Nurse aliens from space that can do miraculous feats at work?,(not that we dont do that now) I am just so disgusted ......I have put in so many resumes and have done the beat.....its futile.....what does an older nurse do that can still out perform any of the younguns that are popping out of school nowadays?>
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would tell them I am making the change for positive reasons instead of saying I am avoiding physical labor. Don't give the employer an excuse. They already have one when they look at your resume or you and see that you are no spring chicken. Don't give up.
  4. by   Biffbradford
    Quote from caliotter3
    [color=silver]i would tell them i am making the change for positive reasons instead of saying i am avoiding physical labor. don't give the employer an excuse. they already have one when they look at your resume or you and see that you are no spring chicken. don't give up.

    i'm fighting this fight right next to 'ya. the applications all go in to this big black hole and the interviews are just to keep corporate happy ... the position has already been filled by an internal candidate, or maybe they don't plan on actually filling it at all.

    i'm changing my middle name to sisyphus.
  5. by   Bubbles
    I just think it is very sad for you to label yourself as ' lumbarpain' or to say that no one wants you anymore! Please know that you are not alone and someone does want you. There are lots of new grads and older experienced nurses in the same boat. Please be good to yourself and realize you are wanted and valuable.
  6. by   brandy1017
    Don't tell them you have back problems as there is discrimination. you are fighting both age discrimination and also re health problems. They are probably figuring you are going to be out of work with back flareups. I would definitely not volunteer that info nor bring it up as a reason to look for a new job!

    Like the other person said use a positive reason for wanting the new job. If and when the physical is done then mention your back if you have to, but I would avoid it if possible.

    I worked at a place (non-nursing) professional applied for a job very well qualified and my boss said he wouldn't hire her because of her back problems! Don't volunteer that info, don't overshare!

    I've read older workers should leave dates of graduation off their schooling and only reference their last 10-15 years of employment to help counter age discrimination. Don't know how well that works but its a suggestion.
  7. by   Biffbradford
    Agreed. I've been off for 2 years now as well, and was getting NO WHERE. Zip. Nada. On my last edition of my resume I've left off one non-nursing degree and any references to dates other than my last job of 12 years. I also left off any 'bling' unless it's directly pertained to the job applied for. I'm keeping it bare bones, acting like a simple dumb nurse. Certainly, they can figure out my age by the required high school dates on the application, but after toning the resume down, I've gotten 2 interviews in the past 2 weeks, and have 2 next week. I know that interviews don't mean that I WILL get hired, but at least it's a glimmer of hope.
  8. by   lumbarpain
    Thank you for all your input........and BTW.my name..lumbarpain is always something that will remind me of my Nursing career. Seemed an appropriate name for myself......I will take the advice all of you have given to me.....expecially Biffbradford.......I may downsize that resume even more.....maybe simplicity will catch the big fish for me. Thanks all......
  9. by   delap
    you don't live in Saskatchewan do you?
  10. by   CrunchRN
    And try to find a "positive" reason for the change. BS flies fine if it gets you the job!
  11. by   Grace Oz
    Am sorry you are having a tough time of it.
    Unfortunately, despite what the spin docotrs say, us older folks do get discriminated against.
    Wisdom and experience only come with age, sadly that fact escapes many people in positions of power.
    Stay positive if you can, I know that's not always easy, and I wish you every success in your quest to find a suitable position.
  12. by   Broadway404
    Same problem here. I have been in OB/GYN for 23 years - combo hospital and clinic - no one will talk to me with a "years recent experience". How do you get a recent year of experience when no one will let you prove to them your knowledge, experience, and capabilities? This is the first time in 31 years that I have not been employed and I am not sure what to do next. I have well over 500 applications over the past two months sent into the major institutions for a 50 mile radius. Nothing. It's disheartening knowing there are openings out there, I have the desire to work but the politics prevent it. In all.... is there really a nursing shortage or just a roadblock from the healthcare settings preventing nurses from working? Everyone says to take a nurse refresher course. Nice idea, except those are 18 months long and a few thousand dollars. If I had the time and the money I'd be there in a heartbeat. This makes you suicidal!!!!
  13. by   CrunchRN
    Start driving to Ob/Gyn offices in your area and just hand out your resume. You never know when an opening will come up and they will have your resume.

    Just google Ob/Gyn docs and your zip code and start with the closest and move out from there.
  14. by   everydaynurse
    I too was let go and started doing agency nursing. Pick my days and times. now looking into other nursing jobs not at the bedside. There are other area we can work in. Office jobs are hard to find unless you are a NP or LPN. The money thing again. Good luck.