1. Many ADN-BSN online programs tried to deceive students into believing that they can get their BSN from ADN in 13 months or less. That's a lie and false advertisement. They are not telling the whole story.

    For example, University of Texas at Arlington advertises this past spring that you can get your degree from ADN to BSN in 13 months. After you enrolled and pay their high tuition rates, they want you to take from them American History I and II, Texas history, and other courses that have nothing to do with Nursing. You can take these same courses from Community Colleges in California at 1/6 their cost, but if you do they may or may not accept them for credit. For example, I have a friend who took US History from a community college. UTA does not accept them for transfer credit. Their Academic Advisors are trained to do what is good for business, and not what is good for you, the student. Be careful and do not fall for their traps! They want you to stay longer in their school, and pay for their courses that nobody wants to take, such as political science, and so forth

    I heard that Excelsior College gives you 35 BSN credits for your NCLEX. They don't give you the run around treatment. They are located in Albany, New York. Their tuition is a little higher, but you can graduate sooner with no hassle and stumbling blocks.
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  4. by   OCNRN63

    I think it's ridiculous that they mandate you take a course in Texas history. I don't live in Texas. I couldn't care less about Texas history. Remember the Alamo, blah, blah, blah.

    I'm waiting to see if I got accepted at another program that doesn't have such silly requirements.
  5. by   Deepinthegame
    Really quick- been a nurse since "93" worked in so many areas in nursing. Just received my BSN and Certification this past Dec. ...not to mention achieving a ( afraid to say what hospital) heck of an award for nursing at my Mag Hospital. Point is ...most education post RN is a racket. Pay money and answer questions, just paying " The Man " to share crop his hospital plantation with no end . Next breaking news : BSN vs MSN
  6. by   elpnla
    Good luck! They'll accept you, and after that they'll make you mad! They want you to take their non-nursing courses that nobody wants. They want you to pay for their history teachers... They want you to stay longer with them. This whole RN-BSN thing is a rip off.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    The Texas courses that UTA makes the RN-BSNs take are actually required by state law. Any 4-year college that you attend in Texas will make you take those courses.
  8. by   elpnla
    From what I understand the law requires US History I, US History II, 6 units; or, 1 semester of US history (3 units) and 1 semester of Texas History (3 units), a total of 6 units of history. Currently, UTA requires 9 units of History classes. Is that not right?
  9. by   PauperRN
    I think this is a little harsh on UTA RN-BSN program. It is ur duty as a prospective student to do ur research before joining any program and ascertain that it is what you want. Different programs different requirements, and you have lots of them out there. UTA tells you that you can finish in as much as 13 months, provided that you have all the pre-requisites for graduation. Now you have to ask which ones are those and if they are transferable, if they ain't, well you so not have to go with them. Having a BSN is a personal choice, having to spend money to get it is a choice too, you do want to save money, there are programs for that.
  10. by   OrganizedChaos
    I live in TX & having to take TX History isn't anything new. Like the PP stated, you need to do research into a program before just diving in. If you don't like the fact you have to take TX History, maybe with a university that isn't located in TX.
  11. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from elpnla
    From what I understand the law requires US History I, US History II, 6 units; or, 1 semester of US history (3 units) and 1 semester of Texas History (3 units), a total of 6 units of history. Currently, UTA requires 9 units of History classes. Is that not right?
    Texas law requires US History 1&2, Texas Government and Federal Government. 12 units total...and again, this is going to apply to a basket-weaving major as well as to a nursing major.
  12. by   PMFB-RN
    Buyer beware is all I can say. I looked into hundreds of RN to BSN program and RN to MSN programs. One interesting thing I found is that only a very few BSN programs would allow you to just start their program without doing a bunch of gen ed classes first. Nova Southeastern seems to be a good one.
    Several of the RN to MSN programs did not require this. I think many nurses can actually get a MSN in less time than a BSN.
  13. by   elpnla
    Yes, let the buyer beware.
  14. by   PauperRN
    I agree buyers have to beware, and that goes for everything. There are certain online schools that I wouldn't go get a degree from even if they were free, simply because of its reputation. Does where u get ur degree matters? Yes, it does. And if that means doing extra pre-requisite then so be it and let's get done with it . If you ask me all education system are to get every penny from the students.
  15. by   Nola009
    Anyone have anything to say about WGU?? Also, through which school(s) is it faster / better to get your MSN through?