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  1. PauperRN

    EC to UTA?

    UTA is ranked! I rest my case
  2. PauperRN

    RN to BSN PMI

    Pass on that offer! It's free yes, but what happens if they don't get certified? Take a cheap school that is certified, UTA seems to fit the bill for most. Don't take a meaningless risk. Goodluck.
  3. PauperRN

    UTA RN-BSN classes

    Do not take research and assessment together. Assessment is time consuming, research is new content. So unless you have too much time on your hands, which I highly doubt since you taking online classes, do not take the two together.
  4. PauperRN

    Convicted of murder as a teen and now a nurse

    Why do some of us think nursing is such a noble professional not to be awarded second chance? Why is it that nursing does not condone err is to human? Pathetic to say the least. If they committed murder, dd their time, it's a mute point if BON awarded them with a license. Am pretty sure BON looked at it keenly, if not then why does it exist? All am observing is emotions. People are not being objective. Nursing is not heaven.
  5. PauperRN

    As a single nurse were you able to buy a home?

    Lol. Caught up in the Generation Y lingo. But I bet you* did not miss the point.
  6. PauperRN

    As a single nurse were you able to buy a home?

    The variables are too many, therefore the longer u stay in that mortgage the higher your chances of defaulting or something happening is great. Now as a BSN floor nurse, ur chances of anything happening is always high. That is my rationale
  7. PauperRN

    As a single nurse were you able to buy a home?

    Foreclosure and the housing industry happened because of $15.00 thinking they could own a house. What happened next does not need reiterating. That is a risk too big regardless of how u spend that money. Mortgage is not a piece of toy one can return. A higher education in the right field is safety net most of the time.
  8. PauperRN

    As a single nurse were you able to buy a home?

    If you do not have a masters degree, and do bedside nursing,please do not buy that house. Call me naive or whatever but a BSN, single or not, too much risk.
  9. PauperRN

    New offer today-not sure what to do

    You've already answered this question. Your sanity has no price.
  10. PauperRN

    Potential PMHNP looks to bolster graduate GPA...advice?

    I think the most formidable way would be performing highly on a GRE. That would definitely cover you. Since a program like the one @ UT of Arlington makes an individual take GRE if GPA is less than 3.5
  11. PauperRN


    That is wrong, esp for people of color. Dreadlock for people of color with nappy hair, the hair just tangles up and all you do is guide that process. You guide the process, you end up with neat dreadlocks, you ignore that process, you end up with rastafarian kinda dreadlocks- those ones, I think no one accepts them. Now I do not know lots of what white people do, but from the YouTube clips I have seen around, I think it will take time before nursing accepts them. That does not mean that black males with dreadlocks will get jobs that they qualify without a hitch, it is still very delicate. I know the sisters have no problem at all, but for the males- the first impression thing and what is associated with dreads very disappointing..
  12. This just went from funny to hilarious...one reason am addicted to allnurses
  13. PauperRN

    Is Nursing the hardest job out there?

    From reading most of this comments on this thread, one can discern that nursing clearly is not close to being the hardest job out there. However, there is so much hype about it that never seems to end. So the question now becomes, is it overrated? I personally think it is.
  14. PauperRN


    Here we are in 2015, and as much as we all agree that this question might repeat itself over and over, it's in essence a comparison of the nursing environment then( could be last year and the years before) and now- 2015. So the question is, how is dreadlocks issue in nursing at the moment? Esp. In regards to getting a job, or working in the hospital sensitive areas like ICU? Is the environment more liberal now compared to yester years? Or is it still the same? Does having dreadlocks in nursing a big no no for a male regardless of the skin color? Does even skin color matter?
  15. PauperRN

    Which NP specialties make the most money?

    The kind of money being thrown here just makes me salivate and yearn so bad for an advanced degree already! The higher you go the cooler it becomes. Thank God for nursing as a job
  16. PauperRN

    Questions for ADN Grads about BSN's

    All you have to do is search on this site. And u could do additionally outside sources that will prove am right. But to highlight real quickly, UT of A has an outstanding ratings of its program compared to EC. Secondly, UT of A is a university EC ain't a university. Thirdly, UT of A credits are transferable when heading for further education, that cannot be said of EC.