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150ish nursing jobs in this region are open right now.

no one to fill them

may i ask which region?


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I think you also need to define rural. That's near cities/towns. Northern or outpost is a different kettle of fish.

Fort Saskatchewan and RedWater are considered rural by some here in the Edmonton area. But in reality they are commuter towns now but still with an agricultural base. Then there are places like Lac la Biche which in some books is rural and others Northern.


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Like Fiona said you need to define rural. There is rural and then there is remote and northern.

Remote nursing is where the needs are but you can 4-10hrs away from a major city. Rural is usually within 1-2 hrs from a city.

I live in a remote town. I wouldn't say northern since we are at the same level of Saskatoon but for Ontario i am considered north.

I have seen many people come and go because being isolated is hard. You think you can handle it then learn very fast that it isn't for you.

Do your research about any rural/remote/northern areas. It can be an awesome opportunity but be fully aware due to low population in these areas the funding sucks and the government doesn't care about you. But you can learn a lot and build awesome friendships because there isn't much to do but enjoy the land and the people you work and live with. Also be prepared if you are single and going north that you may be forced to live i housing with other people.


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Hi guys,

I didn't expect that much discussion about this and how its going to remote nursing and rural nursing.

I haven't had any luck yet and I do have an experience with rural nursing. The isolation is what takes a toll on your mind and body,

Trishrpn really described isolation well and how people know things are difficult, especially when you're not used to people prying for personal information that you don't normally would share at all. But to a small place, its okay to ask personal questions so I think its a different way of looking at things and the mentality is different. So going up to a rural place really requires a strong mind and personality. Anyways, carrying on and staying positive will help make something to look forward to and to not give up.


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I'm a new grad RN and also a single mother to a 4.5 years old, I've always wanted to do rural nursing but was wondering if it's doable with a child? I have the option of leaving my child with my mom but won't mind bring her with me if it's doable. Any inputs will really be appreciated. Thanks

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I worked rural for 4 years. I would do it again, but temp or contract only. I spent my time working and studying, so it was worth it for me. More importantly, I learned to prioritize and work with minimal supervision. If you're not adaptable, then working rural will be difficult.

Then there's no separation from home and work. If you don't keep a low profile, the busy bodies will be in your business. You also can't mingle with clients and there's a natural tendency for some families to invite you over. I always politely declined.

Some of the physicians think they're God in these rural towns so dealing with the power trips that exist can get irritating. I don't care who you are.....respect is earned and everyone has a role.

Overall, I had a good experience working rural but I witnessed many people come and leave quickly. Not for everyone.


I'm a new registered nurse and I'm willing to relocate out of the GTA and find out of province work just to get hospital experience. Now, is there anything out there that can assist me with finding what small cities are in need of nurses? I know Saskatchewan has something called the hard to recruit initiative to attract healthcare workers, so is there something similar somewhere else in Canada that anyone may know of?

Thank you!

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My advice would be to just google the Provinces individually. They are all in need of nurses if you are willing to relocate to small towns and rural areas, but the initiatives have various stipulations and titles.


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Almost everywhere in Nova Scotia. We are very short on nurses here.

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