Received a strange email from a hiring manager... Please Help


Soooo I am a new graduate and recently had an interview that I thought went really well. I got asked back for a peer interview and I felt that went well too. I thought I got along well with the staff. So I had the interview with the hiring manager on Monday and the peer on Thursday. During the peer interview I was told I would hear back early the next week. So on weds when I hadn't heard I emailed the hiring manager to reiterate my interest and ask if any decisions have been made. However, in my email I made a small typo... The interview was on 6/5 and I accidently wrote 5/5... I received this email in response....

You interviewed on June 5th with me, not May 5th. You then were Peer Interviewed on June 8th. There are other candidates going through the same process. We will be making a decision on Friday.

Thanks for your interest.

So I'm super frustrated now because I feel like I made her mad and now she won't want to hire me.. Can anyone shed any light on the situation?


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'Thanks for your interest' sounds too familiar. I suspect you would not have made the cut.

It means she is busy interviewing a bunch of people and will let you know Friday what she decides. Unless she tossed this in :madface:, don't worry about it. She is busy and just sending a factual statement.


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Okay thank you for the responses. I know there is no point in trying to decipher an email it's just so hard not to! Lol wish me luck...

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There's still hope. You're reading too much into it.

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As a hiring manager, I would agree with Caliotter.

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I'm afraid I have to agree with klone and Caliotter. The language used

strongly suggests that you are not in the running for the job. Could be so

many reasons for this, but... I have been in the same situation and been

handed the same language way more times than I can count.

We could be wrong though, you never know. Still, I'd keep

plugging on and looking.


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Thanks for the advice. I am applying to other jobs as we speak. Hopefully something good happens soon!


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She was also pointing out the error on your part in a less than gracious way for a reason. It is a roundabout way of letting you know that she does not appreciate it when people don't pay attention to detail. I would not expect that people who make mistakes in the application process are given second chances by this hiring manager. Hope that all of us are surprised, but I would not expect the best if I were you.


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Yes good point I think you're right. Thank you for your response! Just another thing to learn from I suppose.


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Guess What.... The Nurse Recruiter is also a member of this forum too!!!:woot:Woot Woot!

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I think her email sounds like someone having a bad hair day. I would try not to read too much into it. Meanwhile, good luck. Something good will come your way.