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Reality shows!! What's your favorite show?


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Ok reality shows are all the rage now. From American Idol to Honey BooBoo there is wide range of choices. What's your favorite show? How about your least favorite? And what show do you just shake your head at?


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Naked and Afraid


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Naked and Afraid
Uh, is that your favorite or least favorite? :roflmao:

Or is it all three? Like a car crash, you just can't help but watch it!

I don't think I technically watch any reality shows other than Trauma: Life in the ER. I just can't stand any of the Kardashian, Housewives type shows.

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Dr. G Medical Examiner, Trauma: Life in the ER, Untold Stories of the ER.

The only one I follow is Face Off (making movie monsters and movie magic! With the bonus of being a really positive show with contestants who genuinely want to help one another so that they win based off of the quality of their creations rather than some fluke of fate, or, worse, backroom deals and knives in the back).

I refuse to watch anything that makes me feel worse about humanity in general. People are better than the lowest common denominator that makes for "successful television" (I REFUSE to call it good!!!) these days.


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I love:

Monsters Inside me.

I hate:

Any Housewives show.