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  1. MidLifeRN2012

    Is LTC a good option if I can't find a job?

    Anything is better than nothing while you are waiting. It took me 2 years to find my first nursing job which ended up being on a psych unit. Thank God I had a full time job already in another field. Hospital life sucks, now I'm ready for something with normal hours with no shifts and holidays.
  2. MidLifeRN2012

    Double Shift

    I never agree to work a double unless I am off for the next 2 shifts. I have an hour commute 1 way and can't function too well on less than 6 hrs of sleep. If they won't or can't accommodate the next day off, it's a no for me. If they ever start mandation, I will start looking for another job. I can always go back to accounting
  3. MidLifeRN2012

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I've only been working in a hospital for 2 years and already want out. I am looking for outpatient or a desk job within a company. Hate hospital life with shifts, understaffing, and patient satisfaction scores. I'm better off back in a cubicle
  4. MidLifeRN2012

    Facebook and employers/school

    I just use a fake name on FB so no employers can find me. And my settings are private
  5. MidLifeRN2012

    Resurrection University Applicant Spring 17

    If you are at all familiar with the healthcare systems in the Chicago area, it was named that from West Suburban School of Nursing after being acquired by Resurrection Healthcare.
  6. MidLifeRN2012

    Resurrection University Applicant Spring 17

    80 used to be the minimum score for the TEAS. Surprised they dumbed it down.
  7. MidLifeRN2012

    Is 90k in loans worth my BSN?

    I wish I could have quit my full time job to attend a cheaper ADN program. But being in my 40s with a mortgage and a kid to support does not give you a choice. I chose the only RN program that had a night weekend option and it happened to be BSN. It cost $32 K and I regret it, as it took me 2 years to find that first nursing job. And being a nurse isn't all that I thought it would be, at least in the hospital. I regret the career change sometimes. DO NOT go into that much debt to be a nurse.
  8. MidLifeRN2012

    atheism religion and religious hospitals

    Ha ha...obviously you are all threatened by me since I've had so many predictably negative responses. Including from fake Christians. Again..what are you so afraid of?
  9. MidLifeRN2012

    Resurrection university 2016

    Clinic RN jobs are hard to get as they mainly hire MAs rather than RNs. And sometimes one can't just move. Not when you are middle aged with aging parents who live here. Thank God I had a full time job in another field to tide me over.
  10. MidLifeRN2012

    atheism religion and religious hospitals

    Could you address that? I already addressed it at the beginning of my first post
  11. MidLifeRN2012

    Resurrection university 2016

    Seems like they are dumbing down the requirements to get into nursing school. Money, money, money. I'm sure they will neglect to inform incoming students that the job market for new grads is scarce. It's a saturated market now. Not enough jobs for too many grads. It took me more than a year and a half to land that first job.
  12. MidLifeRN2012

    atheism religion and religious hospitals

    Oh please people, including those of you who claim to be Christians. You know damn well that if a Christian politely states their belief in public, they are immediately labelled as intolerant bigots. Does Tim Tebow or Kirk Cameron ring a bell ? You expect us to put up with all the moral decay that is now the mainstream without protest.
  13. MidLifeRN2012

    atheism religion and religious hospitals

    There are plenty of Muslims and Jews who work at my Catholic Hospital. No religious requirements here. In society you people are more guilty of shoving your ideology down the throats of Christians than vice versa. I don't know why you atheists are so afraid to hear the word of God. What are you afraid of ? The Truth?
  14. MidLifeRN2012

    Resurrection university 2016

    You only need a 68 to pass TEAS now? Back in 2010 when I started, we had to make an 80.
  15. MidLifeRN2012

    Is it okay for RN to ask recovery patients not to swear?

    OP would not last a day in psych. The filthiest mouths are here. You get numb to it after awhile.
  16. MidLifeRN2012

    How do you deal with verbally abusive pts?

    PRN around the clock and don't take her abuse. Give her her meds within the hour when they're due or per policy and treat her no different than anyone else. Make it clear you won't stand for her abuse and walk away if safety isn't a concern. I work in inpatient psych and this is par for the course with some patients. You need to develop a thick skin to deal with these people sometime. Does she have family who can intervene with changing her behavior?