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I'm coming across something I never have before: with applications for a job, a request of "salary requirements".

Now I know I'm not going to get anything near what I was making in Michigan: Texas LPN pay seems to be running $10-$12/hr below that.

When asked for salary requirement, What do you write down?

Something in the ballpark of the regional pay/

I dunno...


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In my limited experience you need to tell them exactly what salary you require...hence "salary requirements." You need to be careful not to sell yourself short, but also not to aim to high.

I'd think about what is reasonable for the area you're in, the position, your experience and decide what the minimum is you'd accept and list a wee higher... If you put to large an amount they may not be interested because they can't afford it and if you put something to small you'll never know what they would have offered otherwise.

Good luck crunching the numbers!!:D

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I've always put negotiable on it, especially when moving to areas with vastly different salaries.

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Research a bit and find what is reasonable hourly pay for LPN's in the area you are in. You can use this formua to roughly estimate what the job would be worth if salaried: hourly rate X 2 X 1000. Say, for example, the average pay for a given position is $20/hr, double that, multiply by 1000, this equals a salary requirement of $40,000.

I just had to use this little formula, because I am applying for a salaried position and of course want to earn at least what I am currently. It works:)


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"negotiable" or "competitive"

For relevant ranges check out http://www.salary.com

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I would find out what other nurses are getting then ask for just slightly above that. With the shortage I doubt they will pass you up just because your salary requirement is on the high side.

When it comes time to talk about salary work it a little too see what they are willing to pay. I just took a new job and was able to get an extra dollar out of them I suspect I could have gotten more but I really wanted the job and would have actually done it for far less.

I don't mean that you should be unreasonable or pass a job you really want because you got greedy but remember health care is a business and recruiters aren't going to offer you the top pay right off.

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I put negotiable on my application as well when I came to Florida. They probably have a formula the use based on years of experience.


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I put what I feel I'm worth, no matter what area I'm in. If they want me to take the position, they will neg! But that is just me:)


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NEVER be the first to give a number. Keep putting the ball back in THEIR court.

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