questions stops @ 265, what is my status??

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Good DAy! guys! i take the nclex exam last july 16 2009. i have encountered SATA around 11-15 questions, Computations, and a lot of Priorities , and i ended up at 265.. i want to know whta my status is...? thanks guys!!!

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Ummm...check your state site and see if you have a license?

Best of luck!


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:yeahthat: Good luck!


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I had a ton of the SATA questions and I passed.


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good luck, i know friends who took the lpn nclex and passed when it stopped at 99 and other who went to question 277 and passed. i don't know how it goes with the rn nclex.

but here's wishing you the best:wink2:



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Good luck!

Check with your state board of nursing's website, just go to the "verify license" part. I've heard a lot of my fellow grads have heard back in less than 24 hours!:typing:nurse:


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Try the pearsonvue trick. Heard it works.


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good luck but you might have failed!!

A lot of people freak out when it shuts off at 75!


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You don't have to worry. I had a friend who stop in the same number as you and she passed. Wish you luck..


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Try the pearsonvue trick. Heard it works.

what's that?


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I passed at 265! Good Luck!


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I took all 265 questions, our test sounded very familiar. I passed. try the pearson trick...

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