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Hey! I was accepted into the fall nursing program! Yay! We are requires to bring our immunization records. I had all of my vaccines as a child except the booster at 15yrs old. Will that still be a requirement or the fact that I had the actual vaccine be ok? My husband and I chose to do delayed vaccination with our children (6mo, 2yr, 4yr) bc of previous reactions; therefore, they haven't received any vaccines yet. I know that there is a "shedding period" three weeks after getting the vaccine. I don't want my kids to become sick because I am required to receive the vaccine. Thanks!

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We cannot give medical advice per the ToS. Talk to your PCP.

I can say with near-certainty that you will need to provide proof that you received all your vaccines and are current with them. You need the actual records or titer proof from your PCP.

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I had to have titers drawn. Luckily, I work in a hospital and so I already had most of my vaccinations

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As per the site terms of service, members cannot ask or offer medical advice.

You need to discuss this with your health care provider. Some vaccines are required but there are no titers available (such as DTaP--which is a must for many facilities before you are permitted in OB or pediatrics) We cannot advise. Some schools will accept a medical waiver if provided by your personal physician but not all. Titers are available for HepB, MMR, Varicella.

You need to discuss your concerns/fears of your children becoming sick because of you being vaccinated with your pediatrician and personal physician. But know that the HepB and DTaP are both inactivated vaccines that cannot cause illness in anyone.

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