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So I'm a prenursing student, hoping to be admitted to ADN for fall 2015. I have heard repeatedly that you should start studying NCLEX questions as soon as you start NS... Would there be any point at all to me starting now? I'm not taking classes next semester and don't want my brain to turn to mush.

Thanks in advance!

applewhitern, BSN, RN

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I don't see how you could study for NCLEX without some nursing knowledge first. Surely your school will prepare you for the NCLEX. That is what you will be paying them for. You will be taking plenty of tests in school. A lot of these tests have questions where two answers are correct; you will be required to select the answer that is most right in that particular situation. I don't think you could do that without taking nursing classes first. Good luck.

I agree with the PP, however, during nursing school I bought NCLEX books to go with each area we were learning. This helped me prepare for NS exams and helped me get used to NCLEX style questions which in turn helped me on the actual exam day (NCLEX). I agree that right now as a pre-nursing student you would not benefit from trying to prepare but once school starts you can start gathering your NCLEX books, like I said, to help you with NS exams and on the NCLEX.

Buy the books! It will help in understanding the way questions are asked on the NCLEX. And can help you coordinate what you are learning with some additional questions.

When you are done with a topic (Med Surg for instance) you can take a practice test in that subject, see where you are. If you are having difficulty with certain aspects of the topic, then you know you need to study on those things.

It can help you take things a little at a time. Often, attempting to study everything at once is overwhelming. You can highlight what it is that you need to work on.

Best wishes!


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It wouldn't hurt to buy the books, but it is waaaay too early to start studying for NCLEX. I'm sure you'll do NCLEX style practice questions throughout nursing school (and on your own when studying for exams), and that is all you should do until you graduate and actually start preparing for NCLEX. IMO, of course...

Ayvah, RN

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Why buy books? Just head to your local library. I'd suggest starting with medical terminology. Getting a basic understanding of this will help give you a great start!

If you buy the books now they may be out of date by the time you start nursing school. It's great to hear that you are so enthusiastic. I hope you get in soon, and good luck with your studies and future career!


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I would save your time and money. Get one nclex book, set of cards, whatever, when you start your first nursing course. Good luck.

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day:

My plan is to get one to two NCLEX style books to study for a period before my clinicals start in January, and continue to use the books through nursing school. Every success video I've watched on Youtube.com or success story I've read involves people going above and beyond including reading NCLEX style questions even before they really understand nursing.

Thank you.

@VampyrSlayer, I am stuck in the same predicament-what to do, what to do?! Pardon my bluntness, but U are prettty darn HANDSOME!! Concentration wldnt fully be where it is suppose too around ya, lol.

Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I strongly disagree with those who say it is too early to begin studying for NCLEX.

I have a friend in town who was just finishing nursing school at my school as I was beginning my prereqs. I asked him for advice for what I should be doing to get ready for nursing school, and he told me to go ahead and start studying NCLEX questions ASAP. I've been doing that off and on in my free time since then and don't regret it at all.

Studying NCLEX materials can do at least two good things for you. First, it will get you ready for the TYPES of questions you will get both in the NCLEX itself and in nursing school. The format of these questions may be a little bit different than you are used to, so it's good to get a jump on that. The second benefit is that you will jump a bit of a jump on some of the types of knowledge you are going to need. You can do this either by just making your best educated guess on each question, then checking the rationale given for the correct answers, or you can just research each question you are unfamiliar with as you go along.

There's really no need to spend very much money on this. You can find books from a couple of years ago very cheap either in used bookstores or online. You can check them out from your school library. If you meet people who have graduated from your school recently, they'll probably be happy to just give you their NCLEX books.