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Question about an interview

Hello everyone,

I have a question. I have a job interview tomorrow with a research company and am going to be interviewed by a doctor. I spoke with him briefly on the phone and he gave me the address tans he also said "were looking for some hot nurses"

Now, I'm 52 years old and am taken back a bit by this statement? Am I wrong? Is that just a figure of speech? Am I wasting my time by going to this interview tomorrow?

Any thoughts? Thank you!

I would have been concerned about the phrase too. You can read a lot into what he said, the least of which is that he has an idea of how old you are from your application/resume, and he is trying to actively dissuade you in favor of a "hot" one. He could have easily have said "top notch" if he meant something positive. I would be inclined to not take the interview seriously, I doubt you will meet his criteria, whatever it may be.

Thank you :(. I know! I really wanted to go into that area of nursing too!

it really sucks because now I feel so concerned about how I will look. I mean I look good but I am 52. What a jerk though. I guess I shouldn't be surprised this type of crap has been going on for years

I would assume it was a bad joke, and go to the interview. I agree that he should have a good idea of your age by your work history ...or at least have figured out that you're not 22.

Yes, that could be true as well! He did say "oh you have worked at the same hospital for 11 years that's job security

"Well shoot, I was hoping to meet a smart doctor."


Hopefully it was a bad joke, as Sour Lemon suggested. Good luck in the interview! Do post back, curiosity has the best of me!

Oh Hi,

The interview went well I thought? But he did say I was the first one to interview and that he needed to interview more people. We did not talk about money but he said they were a small company, which in my mind translates to less compensation but I could be wrong? The office did not look too fancy nor were the people dressed for what I thought the office should be? But it may have been casual Friday? Then he said that I can keep in touch and call them? I told him that they can do the same! Then he asked if I was actively looking? What does that mean? I felt like saying I am sitting here am I not? But I didn't. So that's it! I have a job and if he calls fine if not that's fine too!! I just wish people would say what they really mean and save us all a boat load of time! Overall the vibe was good. Thanks for asking and responding to my question

Thank you!

Because of your suggestion I went to the interview! I posted about it already.

I interviewed for a plastics nursing position, scumbag MD went on and on about how attractive the nurses in his LA office are and how important the office "image" was to him. I didn't get the job and I guarantee it was not on merit! Being ugly is unfortunately not a protected class, so alas I had no recourse. Hopefully your doc just has poor taste and is not good buddies with scumbag MD.

Sounds as if the off center remark went nowhere. Glad to hear that, but disappointed that it sounds so lukewarm. I would not expect a callback with that kind of an interaction. At least you tried. Good luck with your next job hunting venture.

Yes, thank you! It's always the ones that fall short in the looks department who are the most critical

Hi thanks! The thing is I am not even close to ugly! But I am over 50! Oh well another thing if they won't match what I make now I won't do it anyway! I am not going backwards


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