PVT WORKS and also ncsbn review helped me pass


I have taken the pn exam over 10 times and have failed each time, I came across NCSBN pn review and pd 50.00 for 3wk course and finally passed my exam , the review is awesome, and alos the PVT (trick) works , Last time i failed i tried it and went cc page this time I got the good pop up and found out sat mornin i passed through quick results , i took my test July 15th!!!! Good luck to you all and never give up , I took it so many times but I never gave up!!!!:nurse: Jamie LPN YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


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Congrats! I too took the NCSBN review but did the 8 wks review. I got the good pop up too. Waiting to check my BON.


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:clpty:Congratulations Jkmiller! :clpty:


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is that all u did was that review course? what did it consist of?? i am going to retake my nclex aug 13


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hey did u just do the questions or u read the chapters


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NCSBN is just an outline *bullet type* review. It is way different from the saunders.