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everchangingRN has 20 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN and specializes in All.

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  1. everchangingRN

    Travel Newbie, Maybe

    I am a nurse with 20 years experience in med-surg ICU and Pediatrics. I am currently without a job and I'm thinking about going the travel route. I do have a great agency. I just contacted and a great recruiter as well. And she has answered my questions, however, any good insights from new and older travel nurses would be greatly appreciated. I am in West Virginia and I'll be first traveling Ohio and West Virginia. Do you guys do it alone or do you like to travel with a buddy? Let me know your thoughts thank you
  2. everchangingRN

    Job searching while under investigation

    Can I send you a personal message?
  3. everchangingRN

    Job searching while under investigation

    Did you get the job? Any news since you last posted?
  4. everchangingRN

    Job searching while under investigation

    I am in this current situation too. I had already been looking and booked interviews when I was terminated and I am also terrified what they will say. So I will be following this thread. Used to be they could only release dates of employment. But now I have noticed on apps that you have to agree to let prospective employers inquire more than that. I did tell an interviewer the other day that my employer and I had parted ways. I didn't go any further. I didn't want to be dishonest. I am hoping others can guide us...
  5. everchangingRN

    Need Good Ohio Attorney

    I didn't admit to anything because I didn't take it. He just kept saying you were the only one. How stupid would someone be to pull it just to steal it. The pyxis tracks everything. Hence, good and bad because it shows I pulled it when I didn't. He also brought up a fact that I didn't document giving 2 norco, I only charted one. Our system is Meditech an old system of charting and it freezes on me all the time. Heck one time insulin just disappeared from my pt's eMAR without explanation. I told him I ain't perfect but I am no thief. If I had a problem I would admit to it.
  6. everchangingRN

    Need Good Ohio Attorney

    No. They said the inventory was off x6 and I was the only one that accessed the damn pocket.
  7. everchangingRN

    Need Good Ohio Attorney

    I need a recommendation for a good lawyer in Columbus, Ohio. I was just terminated for diverting of all things flexeril. Which um is not true. Along with a documentation issue, they are reporting me. Thanks
  8. everchangingRN

    Ohio RN in recovery.... please help

    I have some questions about your journey. Do you mind if we exchange messages?
  9. everchangingRN

    Drug tested. Now what?

    Not in recovery or meetings. It was just wondering stupid mistake. Random drug screen
  10. everchangingRN

    Question about test specifics

    What exactly is tested in a 9 panel expanded opiates drug screen? I mean is it down to SPECIFIC drugs?
  11. everchangingRN

    Drug tested. Now what?

    Ok. Here goes. So I had to go to the ER for a flare up of my Rheumatoid arthritis. They gave me Nubain, phenergan both IMx2. I am not on any meds for my RA at home due to change in insurance. So I was in horrible pain yesterday and took my sister's Gabapentin. And of course I get called for a random drug screen. Of course it's going to be positive. I know I will be accused of diversion, and terminated. My questions are many but just want to know if this means I will lose my license? Any help appreciated.
  12. everchangingRN

    Career Advice from Nurse Educators

    PediatricRNTX Can you tell me where you posted that? I would like to read it. Thanks
  13. everchangingRN

    Teaching from Home Pros and Cons?

    Hello, I am looking into teaching from home at Western Governor's University. I have a phone interview scheduled. I know one person who currently teaches from home and she loves it. Another educator I talked to used to do it and she hated it because "you are always tied to the computer." Looking for opinions pros vs. Cons, etc. Can anyone help me? Thanks Missy
  14. everchangingRN

    Lost job over HIPAA violation

    MINurse, Are you in Michigan? Is that the first part of your handle? Or does that stand for MICU. I just ask to see if you can look on the board web site for info?
  15. everchangingRN

    Would you File a Complaint?

    I am glad I took a break and did not read any more of your responses. My family was never in the way, I was an ER and ICU nurse. They never secured my dad. The nurse calling security hated me because I got manager and she didnt when I use to work at this hospital. All of you who said I was angry. Yes I was because my dad didn't receive proper care. Now he is paralyzed on one side.
  16. everchangingRN

    Nursing Professional Development / Staff Development Coordinators

    I am looking into applying for a Staff Development coordinator job in my area. It only requires a BSN but I do have a Master's Degree and an extensive education background. My question is this - do most LTC facilities require you to work the floor sometimes as well? Thanks

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