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  1. How to Deal With the Guilt

    At my job, there just aren’t enough resources and there isn’t enough time to take care of patients the way they deserve to be taken care of. There is an unbelievable amount of paperwork, and we are given way too many patients. I know many other nursi...
  2. Struggling

    I am definitely contemplating leaving this job, but I really don’t want to be seen as a job hopper! I’ve been a nurse for 3 years and this is my 4th job 😞 I’ve been trying to find a place where I’m the right fit.
  3. Struggling

    I recently started a job in a facility that is turning out to be really awful. My coworkers don’t seem to care about the patients, and they don’t do their jobs. Management’s new solution was to give them more paperwork 🤦‍♀️ Now I’ll have even less ti...
  4. What would you do?

    I have coworkers who honestly just do not care. A patient who wasn’t mine approached me and requested a PRN and stated they needed it pretty badly. I informed the patient’s nurse, but she said they’d had it already and couldn’t have it again yet. I l...
  5. Feeling Humiliated and Discouraged

    Honestly I think there’s some other reason they want me off the unit because it makes no sense to me either. Seems like they would just replace the charge nurse and then I’d just work with the new charge nurse. It’s a very strange situation. ...
  6. Feeling Humiliated and Discouraged

    Thank you! I’ve only been at this job for a little under a year. I’m just going to take the experience and use it for whatever is in store for me next.
  7. Feeling Humiliated and Discouraged

    The charge nurse on my unit will be leaving in a few months, and I think management was counting on me to take over as new charge nurse after that. Management just told me that I don’t have the leadership skills to be charge nurse and that I’m not re...
  8. PSA

    I am so frustrated with my coworkers right now. Here’s a wild idea: if you have a problem with something I’m doing, please come to me and I’ll be happy to fix it. I’m still new (less than a year) to this job, so I realize I don’t know everything and ...
  9. I don’t want to work extra!

    Lately it seems like I’m always being asked to stay late, come in early, or work on my off days because people keep calling out. I just want to work my scheduled shifts and be left alone, but I hate to say no when I’m asked to work extra. Anyone else...
  10. I have had this happen so many times and I don’t know the right way to handle it. So many times the secretary or another nurse will say “so and so’s family member is on the phone but they don’t have the pin number - it’s completely up to you” making ...
  11. 16 Hour Shifts

    My manager called me in to work a 16 hour shift. At the end of it I was feeling really nauseated from lack of sleep and threw up all over myself on the way home. Therefore I called in for tonight, and I’m told I have to work my next Saturday off. Tha...
  12. 16 Hour Shifts

    My manager keeps texting me on my off days asking me to work 16 hour shifts. I find 16 hour shifts extremely brutal, and the drive home is not safe at all. How do I set healthy boundaries? I feel bad not agreeing to come in when asked. Although I don...
  13. 1. Just walked onto unit for my shift and grabbed my assignment sheet, haven't even take report on anyone yet..”The ER is calling report on your patient coming" 2. Only like 25% of my patients' medications are in the med room - the rest I'll hav...
  14. Forced into ICU With No Training

    On my unit we don’t have ventilator patients, and the most invasive lines we have our CVLs. No arterial lines. Also no insulin drips, no levophed, no sedative drips. There’s just a lot of ICU things that I’ve never dealt with before.
  15. Forced into ICU With No Training

    I am a stepdown-nurse. The hospital tried to float me to the ICU to take my own assignment of patients with no training whatsoever. When I expressed concerns to my manager, I was told “go home and watch Youtube videos”. I told her I was worried for m...