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  1. missnursingstudent19

    Floated to ICU with no experience

    I’ve been a medsurg nurse for about a year. Today I was randomly floated to the ICU even though I’ve never worked on an ICU at all. I absolutely did not feel comfortable with this. Is this common to be floated to an area you have no experience in?
  2. missnursingstudent19

    Feel Like I’m Completely Failing...

    Came into a shift absolutely bombarded with things. Critical values I needed to report on multiple patients and it took forever to find out which doctor I was supposed to tell because pt. usual Dr was out. Pt. c/o not breathing well. 2 pts who needed PICC and midline. PICC needed consent. Also needed cath lab consent and GI lab consent from a couple of patients. In the midst of all the craziness I mixed up which pt. needed which IV access. PICC team caught it and it got fixed. Couldn’t even start meds until late late in the morning. Had to call MD for one hangry pt to figure out diet. Got an admit like 20 minutes before shift change. Policy is we only get the pt. settled when this happens and that we don’t need to do the extremely long admission assessment. I was so busy I forgot the consent for a procedure pt. was to have the next day. Night shift was salty about needing to get the consent and do the admission assessment for my admit. I was so scatter brained at the end of it all I told night shift that one pt used bedside commode when they had a foley. Night nurse was sure to point out my brain fart in front of the patient who proceeded to say “well I barely saw her all day so...” I do what I can but it never seems like enough and I feel like after a year of nursing I should be better than this
  3. missnursingstudent19

    If It's Not one Thing It's Another, Just Need to Vent

    I was so upset that I posted this in the wrong thread. Please move to general nursing student thread
  4. missnursingstudent19

    If It's Not one Thing It's Another, Just Need to Vent

    So I posted previously about not having a vehicle. We had to fill out an application today to do a clinical day at a certain site. I had open heart surgery 22 years ago, so I checked "heart problems" in the application box even though I haven't had any heart issues since the surgery and am being monitored yearly by a cardiologist. Well, now I have an e-mail from the place saying I need a note from the MD to clear me for certain parts of the clinical experience. I called my primary doctor hoping just a phone call might get her to send one. Well, I got a voicemail tonight saying "Hi, Dr. X wants you to come in just to better understand why you need the clearance". This doctor is 1 1/2 hours away from me back in my hometown. I don't have a vehicle to just run there whenever I feel like it, and I need this letter ASAP because the training is soon. I can't go to her office right now. Uggh. Please pray for me that they understand and give me the clearance when I call back tomorrow. I really don't need this added stress right now.
  5. missnursingstudent19

    How do you feel about B's?

    In one of my classes, we've been having tests back to back for the past 6 weeks. I've made B's on most of them, and my class average is a B. Of course I'd rather have an A, but I know I study as much as I possible can and give it my best effort. Someone in my program today said they want tutoring because they're getting B's and want to do better. Would you consider B's worth going to tutoring over, or would you be happy with that grade?
  6. missnursingstudent19

    Nursing School Frustrations

    In my class, we have a test tomorrow on unit 3. Today we finished lecturing on unit 5. Does it bother anyone else when professors lecture way past what the next test will be about? I get that they are pushed for time, and I know that's why they do it. Still, it makes me feel overwhelmed and behind. What is your pet peeve about nursing school?
  7. missnursingstudent19

    Advice before starting 1st semester

    I'm finishing my first semester next week. I didn't study anything before the semester actually started because I didn't want to get burned out before the semester even started. I just bought all the supplies I would need, got my doctor's appointments out of the way, and basically made sure I would have as little to worry about during the semester as possible. One thing I did was to get all the little assignments that were quick and easy to do out of the way as soon as possible. I knew if I put them off until the last minute I might forget about them, and it gave me more time to focus on the lengthier more difficult stuff like studying for exams. One thing I wish I had known is that it is completely ok to feel like you have no idea what you're doing - especially in clinicals. Just ask lots of questions - no question is too dumb. Don't be afraid to ask your professors for any help you need, all the ones I had are great, and they are more than happy to help students in any way they can. I also wish I had practiced skills with classmates more than I did because the more you practice the more comfortable you will get.
  8. missnursingstudent19

    I Just Don't Learn That Way...

    So one thing I've noticed with nursing school is that we practice skills with/on each other a ton in class. To be honest, this way of learning just doesn't work for me. I need quiet in order to concentrate and really learn what I'm doing. It just makes it worse when they send us into the lab to practice with our classmates because a lot of them are just as confused as I am and we end up just making each other more confused. I would much rather practice one on one with a family member. Tomorrow, we technically don't have class, but we are encouraged to go to the lab to practice focused assessments for our health assessment final. I honestly don't want to go because I know it won't get anything out of it with all the chaos of almost my entire class crammed into the skills lab. I feel like I'd benefit better by staying home and practicing on a family member/watching youtube vides on focused assessments. At the same time, I'm afraid I'll look like I don't care or that I'm not trying if I just don't show up. Does anyone else ever feel this way?
  9. missnursingstudent19

    Was I in the wrong?

    I have to do a group presentation, and my group has a google PowerPoint that we can all edit and work on at the same time. I opened the PowerPoint today, and someone from my group had already looked up and put in information that I was supposed to do. I didn't get mad or anything since it's OUR project - not just mine. So I just decided to work on other things that no one had done yet. I pretty quickly got group message from someone in my group saying basically "To everyone in the group, please don't add things or change things on my slides because I'll just have to go back and delete whatever I don't think is relevant and that takes way too much time". I didn't even think this person was talking to me, so I kept working on the PowerPoint. Then I got sent a personal message saying basically the same thing, so I knew it was me. I just replied "Ok, sorry about that." and I haven't done anything to any of the slides since then. I felt like she was basically telling me that I can't work on my own project. I mean, I get that it would have been wrong to just completely remove what someone put on a slide, but I didn't do that. I just added a couple of things I thought were important. I thought we were supposed to be helping each other and working on this together, so I didn't see anything wrong with that. After all, I didn't get mad that someone had went ahead and done the work for my slides. If I was in the wrong for trying to help and contribute to my own project, please let me know.
  10. missnursingstudent19

    I'm having doubts about nursing... :(

    I just don't think you should base your opinion of nursing on just one day at clinicals. Once you learn more skills and get checked off on them, there will be more stuff that you'll be able to do. Then you might enjoy it more. Plus, when you graduate, you don't have to work med/surg. Nurses work in schools, hospice care, home health, doctor's offices, long term care facilities...the list goes on and on. The odds that you'll find an area of nursing that you really love are pretty high considering all the environments you could work in. Definitely give it another chance.
  11. missnursingstudent19

    Jacksonville State University (Alabama) Fall 2017 BSN Program

    Just got an acceptance e-mail, I am so thrilled! :)
  12. missnursingstudent19

    Jacksonville State University (Alabama) Fall 2017 BSN Program

    I didn't ask about the e-mail thing, but everyone else I know who has applied before has gotten a letter in the mail. I found out that in 2015 and 2016 the applicants didn't get their letters until around June 13, but hopefully we'll get them sooner this year.
  13. missnursingstudent19

    Braiding a patients hair: For nurses or just Care assistants

    I'm only a nursing student, so maybe I'm wrong, but I can't see any problem with it as long as the patient wants it done and as long as the nurse doesn't have other more important things to be doing (like administering meds or checking vitals or something). If it's a slow day and the nurse has time, then why not?
  14. missnursingstudent19

    Summer 2017 Chat

    I'm not taking any classes this summer. Instead I'm just using the summer to relax and be class-free until I (hopefully) start the nursing program in the fall. So far I've been spending my break waiting on my acceptance/denial letter to the program, so there hasn't been much relaxing yet :/ hopefully I can enjoy my summer off more once my letter comes.
  15. missnursingstudent19

    Such a letdown!!! 😭

    The same thing kind of happened to me the other day. My grandad brought over a really thin envelope from my school to my house so I was thinking "oh my God, I really hope it's not my nursing school letter because it'd be a rejection letter since it's so thin!" I opened it and it told me I made the President's List. I was happy about that, but I really wanted my acceptance letter! My family thinks I'm uptight too, and they're all so sure I'll get in and I'm like "but you don't know that for sure!" I mean, we've been busting our tails for a really long time to make good grades. We've also taken entrance tests and possibly done interviews, essays, volunteer work, etc. trying to make it into these programs. It makes total sense for us to be "uptight' while waiting to find out if all that hard work was for nothing or if it was all worth it! Best of luck to you, and hopefully the right letter will be here soon!
  16. missnursingstudent19

    Jacksonville State University (Alabama) Fall 2017 BSN Program

    BUMP Really hoping to connect with other applicants