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  1. missnursingstudent19

    I don’t want to work extra!

    Lately it seems like I’m always being asked to stay late, come in early, or work on my off days because people keep calling out. I just want to work my scheduled shifts and be left alone, but I hate to say no when I’m asked to work extra. Anyone else feel the same way? How do you handle it?
  2. I have had this happen so many times and I don’t know the right way to handle it. So many times the secretary or another nurse will say “so and so’s family member is on the phone but they don’t have the pin number - it’s completely up to you” making me have to be the bad guy and tell the family member I won’t talk to them without the pin - or talk to the family member and risk that it’s some random stranger or someone the patient wouldn’t want to have any info. Why wouldn’t the secretary or other nurse just tell the family member to begin with “well the nurse can’t give any information without a pin”? Why pass it off? The secretary/nurse usually just looks at me like I should just talk to the family member anyways.
  3. missnursingstudent19

    16 Hour Shifts

    My manager keeps texting me on my off days asking me to work 16 hour shifts. I find 16 hour shifts extremely brutal, and the drive home is not safe at all. How do I set healthy boundaries? I feel bad not agreeing to come in when asked. Although I don’t know why because I don’t see the other nurses on my floor agreeing to it.
  4. 1. Just walked onto unit for my shift and grabbed my assignment sheet, haven’t even take report on anyone yet..”The ER is calling report on your patient coming” 2. Only like 25% of my patients’ medications are in the med room - the rest I’ll have to order from pharmacy and wait and wait until they send it 3. Unit secretary: “so and so called and said their IV came out and blood is everywhere” (99% of the time this is at shift change) 4. Got everything settled with my admission and think they’re good to go, 5 minutes before the next shift arrives the MD puts in a million orders for the pt. 5. Pt. has probably 20 pills in a med cup. Proceeds to dump them all in their hand and miss their mouth. 6. NG tube that won’t unclog, attempt to flush it and then get sprayed in the face Add yours below...
  5. missnursingstudent19

    Forced into ICU With No Training

    On my unit we don’t have ventilator patients, and the most invasive lines we have our CVLs. No arterial lines. Also no insulin drips, no levophed, no sedative drips. There’s just a lot of ICU things that I’ve never dealt with before.
  6. missnursingstudent19

    Forced into ICU With No Training

    I am a stepdown-nurse. The hospital tried to float me to the ICU to take my own assignment of patients with no training whatsoever. When I expressed concerns to my manager, I was told “go home and watch Youtube videos”. I told her I was worried for my license. “Well you put your license at risk working on our floor too.” I was TRAINED for our floor. Time to look for a new job? I don’t think any job is worth losing my license over.
  7. missnursingstudent19

    Using PTO

    I have been at my job for almost 9 months, and haven’t used any PTO yet. I’m thinking of using some soon, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Should I tell my manager far enough in advance that she hasn’t already made the schedule out yet (she makes them for 6 weeks at a time) so that she can know ahead of time not to put me for those days, or should I request it after the schedule is made so that I can see which days to take off that would give me the most days off in a row?
  8. missnursingstudent19

    So Sick Of Rudeness At Work

    1. A patient was about 2 seconds from leaving AMA so I paged the MD because that’s the quickest way to get in touch. “First of all let me just say that I don’t like to be paged.” Like, the patient could have been coding, you don’t know why I paged yet so why start off like that instead of ensuring that the patient is OK? 2. Coworker helping me change ostomy which I don’t have much experience with. I was hesitating to stick on the pouch because I knew it had to go on a certain way but wasn’t sure how. “Just stick it on!” So I stick it on. “OMG be careful, it has to go on a certain way!!” 3. Walking out of the nurses' station to go give med. call light phone is dinging. Coworker sitting at desk charting says “Do you ever answer the call light?!” 4. Taking report. Go to one patient's room who says “😡😡😡 she doesn’t have my medicine in her hand!” So I say “I’m sorry, I just got here. I’ll go and get your pain medicine.” Even though I still had one more nurse to get report from. As I’m in this patient’s room giving the pain meds, the nurse who I still need to get report from comes in the room and says “What are you doing? I’m ready to give report” I’m just over it. It’s tough times right now so please let’s just all be kind.
  9. missnursingstudent19

    Unsure of My Next Move

    Hi! I started out right out of nursing school on med surg floor of a hospital. I worked there for 7 months before Coronavirus hit. At that point my manager granted me a leave to figure out what would be best for me and my family. I tried to come back to the job after my leave, but due to low census my manager didn’t have room for me on the schedule so my leave was extended. I couldn’t afford that so I found another job on a progressive care unit at a different hospital and I’ve been there for 8 months now. The thing is, I have been working with mostly the elderly population for my entire nursing career so far. I really always dreamed of finding a job working with babies, children, or pregnant women. I’ve also come to realize lately that I would rather work at a clinic or a doctor’s office - especially a pediatrician or OBGYN. I would love the normal business hours and not working holidays or weekends. I am also not physically strong at all and don’t feel as effective as a hospital nurse because I struggle a ton to life patients and often don’t have much help due to short-staffing. What I’m trying to figure out is when would be the right time to apply for jobs and make this career move. I’m also wondering what the cons would be to working in a clinic, health department, or Dr office setting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  10. missnursingstudent19

    Floated to ICU with no experience

    I’ve been a medsurg nurse for about a year. Today I was randomly floated to the ICU even though I’ve never worked on an ICU at all. I absolutely did not feel comfortable with this. Is this common to be floated to an area you have no experience in?
  11. missnursingstudent19

    Feel Like I’m Completely Failing...

    Came into a shift absolutely bombarded with things. Critical values I needed to report on multiple patients and it took forever to find out which doctor I was supposed to tell because pt. usual Dr was out. Pt. c/o not breathing well. 2 pts who needed PICC and midline. PICC needed consent. Also needed cath lab consent and GI lab consent from a couple of patients. In the midst of all the craziness I mixed up which pt. needed which IV access. PICC team caught it and it got fixed. Couldn’t even start meds until late late in the morning. Had to call MD for one hangry pt to figure out diet. Got an admit like 20 minutes before shift change. Policy is we only get the pt. settled when this happens and that we don’t need to do the extremely long admission assessment. I was so busy I forgot the consent for a procedure pt. was to have the next day. Night shift was salty about needing to get the consent and do the admission assessment for my admit. I was so scatter brained at the end of it all I told night shift that one pt used bedside commode when they had a foley. Night nurse was sure to point out my brain fart in front of the patient who proceeded to say “well I barely saw her all day so...” I do what I can but it never seems like enough and I feel like after a year of nursing I should be better than this
  12. missnursingstudent19

    This is NOT what shift report is about!

    I work my tail off to take care of my patients. I give everything I have during my 12 hour shifts. But it never fails, at shift report you bet the oncoming nurse will find something to criticize me about and make me feel like crap. “Shift report” is just another name for “let me interrogate you and make sure you didn’t leave me not one single thing to do for these patients - also let me get a kick out of informing you of every single thing you did wrong during your shift.” Nursing is a 24 hour job people.
  13. missnursingstudent19

    If It's Not one Thing It's Another, Just Need to Vent

    I was so upset that I posted this in the wrong thread. Please move to general nursing student thread
  14. missnursingstudent19

    If It's Not one Thing It's Another, Just Need to Vent

    So I posted previously about not having a vehicle. We had to fill out an application today to do a clinical day at a certain site. I had open heart surgery 22 years ago, so I checked "heart problems" in the application box even though I haven't had any heart issues since the surgery and am being monitored yearly by a cardiologist. Well, now I have an e-mail from the place saying I need a note from the MD to clear me for certain parts of the clinical experience. I called my primary doctor hoping just a phone call might get her to send one. Well, I got a voicemail tonight saying "Hi, Dr. X wants you to come in just to better understand why you need the clearance". This doctor is 1 1/2 hours away from me back in my hometown. I don't have a vehicle to just run there whenever I feel like it, and I need this letter ASAP because the training is soon. I can't go to her office right now. Uggh. Please pray for me that they understand and give me the clearance when I call back tomorrow. I really don't need this added stress right now.
  15. missnursingstudent19

    How do you feel about B's?

    In one of my classes, we've been having tests back to back for the past 6 weeks. I've made B's on most of them, and my class average is a B. Of course I'd rather have an A, but I know I study as much as I possible can and give it my best effort. Someone in my program today said they want tutoring because they're getting B's and want to do better. Would you consider B's worth going to tutoring over, or would you be happy with that grade?