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  1. OncRN2015

    How Much PTO did you get as a new grad?i

    Wow, the more I read the more I am starting to think that my offer really isn't a great deal. We don't live near family, so we would have to travel for any holiday. I would barely have enough time to visit for one holiday and go on vacation, and nothing else, with 10 days PTO. I am surprised that this company "cannot" budge on PTO days. I would think that would be easier than increasing salary etc but I could be wrong.
  2. OncRN2015

    Staffing Firms/Recruiters

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has utilized a staffing firm or recruiting agency such as CompHealth? How was your experience? Good or bad? I am looking for a permanent position, not locum tenens.
  3. OncRN2015

    NP Salaries

    Full Glass, was this your only offer when you started? I am curious if your other offers were similar or if they varied widely depending on the position. I live about an hour west of Santa Barbara and am not very flattered with the offer I received and they don't seem eager to negotiate. It would be 40 hours/primary care, $115,000, 10 days PTO, 7 sick days and 3 CME. I am a new grad but with a DNP. I am curious on your thoughts about CA's central coast!
  4. OncRN2015

    PMHNP Salary in So Cal

    I live on the Central Coast and was offered ~$115,000, but was only offered 10 PTO days, yuck. I am not sure if this is a good offer considering I haven't lived in CA long.
  5. OncRN2015

    How Much PTO did you get as a new grad?i

    Also, the offer stated that I would get 6.5 holidays off, which sounds a bit odd as well. LOL!
  6. OncRN2015

    How Much PTO did you get as a new grad?i

    I spoke with this company about the amount of PTO in the offer, however, they stated that it is a network policy and the PTO time cannot be changed. I can discuss unpaid time off with my manager at my clinic to see if that is an option. Really? And I cannot use the sick time as PTO time, which I rarely if ever call in sick so most of those days will probably go to waste. I was already on the fence about this position and it may have solidified my decision.
  7. OncRN2015

    How Much PTO did you get as a new grad?i

    Hey all. I am wondering how many PTO days you received as a new grad. I have an offer including 10 days PTO plus 7 sick days, but this seems very minimal to me. Is this typical? Thanks!
  8. OncRN2015

    Best Place to Find NP Jobs Available?

    I am curious if I am missing any places to look for jobs? I have tried Indeed, Monster, Craig's List and of course the websites for big networks in the area. Is there anywhere else I should look? Where do private practices usually post their openings? Thanks so much!
  9. OncRN2015

    Lawyer to Look Over Job Offer?

    Have any of you recruited a lawyer to look over contracts and assist with negotiations? Was it worth it? Also, where should I look to find such a lawyer? Thanks!
  10. OncRN2015

    Interview Tips

    New grad starting the job hunting search and wondering if you all have any tips for interviews for nurse practitioner positions. Also, I was wondering if you could share some experience with the hiring process as I have noticed that it seems to be a bit different than when I was a RN. For example, I have received 2 informal phone "interviews" from 2 different people within 1 network. I now have an appointment with 1 of the clinics where I will meet the physicians and medical directors and then they would like to take me to lunch. None of the phone calls nor the appointment next week feel like a formal interview, so I am wondering if there will be one? Also, I am kin to sending thank you letters after interviews, but honestly, I am a little lost as to who would be the best person to give these to. I plan to write a short thank you e-mail to those who had called and talked to me, but I am unclear who I should write a letter to in the clinic. Should I send an individual letter to each medical director/physician etc or a letter to the entire staff at the clinic? Any useful tips would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  11. OncRN2015

    Interview Attire for NP Position

    Lol well I prefer skirts over ties
  12. OncRN2015

    Interview Attire for NP Position

    Hi all. I am wondering what the best outfit is to wear to an interview for a nurse practitioner position. I currently have a black blazer and black pants that I use for interviews but I am wondering if I should get a full suit for a nurse practitioner interview. The stores in my area - especially for women - are very limited when it comes to full suits so I am wondering if I can get away with the blazer or if I should get something more professional. Thanks!
  13. OncRN2015

    NP Salary for New Grad FNP in California

    Hi all. I will soon be a new grad and we are moving to California. I currently live in Florida and I know there is a huge difference in pay between the two states. I am completing my BSN-DNP Family NP program in May. However, I do not think that the DNP will give me a salary increase, at least from what I can find. I was hoping to see if anyone could give an estimate of what I should accept as a decent offer as a new grad in the Santa Maria area. Thank you!
  14. OncRN2015

    Loyola University New Orleans

    Hi all! I'm thinking about attending Loyola for the BSN-DNP program. I cannot decide if I should go the DNP route or MSN route for FNP. I have also applied to UAB's FNP program, but it is only MSN. I was looking for any thoughts on Loyola's program. Pros? Cons? Would it make a difference if I got a MSN vs. DNP? Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I'm looking for reviews from past and present students at USA who are in the Family DNP program. I've seen reviews for the master's track, but they were from years ago, and I would like a more recent opinion. I feel like it would be a good opportunity for me to get a doctorate from a BSN-DNP program. Are there any recommendations for schools that offer this track for FNPs? I am looking for something online, no GRE/MAT, and preferably with an oncology/palliative care subspecialty. I applied to UAB and am considering the University of Cincinnati, but these are only MSN programs. Thanks so much!