Oncology NP


I used to work med Surg/Oncology as a RN and had my OCN cert.  I let that lapse since I became a family nurse practitioner.  I now have an interview for an oncology NP position.  Has anyone been in this role before? What are the expectations/responsibilities as a NP?  To be honest, I have forgotten a lot of the oncology experience so I am a bit nervous for the interview.

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It honestly varies by practice or facility. I worked for my first oncology position for a year and change, without RN experience in oncology or any related certifications. Now in my second position in hem/onco and I feel I get to do more in this practice than my prior position. It is far more challenging. Now I am wondering if I should do the nursing oncology certification then do the one for advance practice nurses. As a member of ONS, I get a nice discounted rate.