Opinion on RVU-Based Income

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I have worked salary plus RVU bonus in the past, but not RVU based income. I am looking for insights from those who have done this. Was it worth it? I was told that this company's advanced practice providers typically have a RVU rate of 1.6-1.8. Base salary for first two years is 4700 RVUs, then they readjust income based on your workload. RVUs pay $27.22.  According to this, it seems that you would average about 14 patients per day (depending on coding) for their base rate.

But the HR specialist told me a story about a woman who had to take a huge paycut because she was out for months due to pregnancy and did not meet the RVU minimums. We are trying to expand our family so now I am concerned because the base rate they provided already seemed low compared to what I would expect. They also have a noncompete with 15 miles of their location if it is the same speciality (which is Primary Care).

The company is Sentara is anyone has any experience with them personally. 


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