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  1. Scabies outbreak in nursing home!!!

    The nurses didnt tell CNA's about anything. There was no precautions whatsoever. The policy on PPE is to have the equipment by the door and a sign by the door. There was nothing for months. The nurses were clearly negligent. And dont even get me star...
  2. How to cope with death

    How do I deal with caring for dying elderly patients? Well, its not scary, nor sad for me. Death is just path we all must take like a newborn baby coming into the path of life. The elderly, when dying are just about as helpless and innocent as a newb...
  3. Scabies outbreak in nursing home!!!

    The unit I work on is on isolation due to scabies. I've come in contact with patients whom have scabies. I unknowingly shook hands with an infected patient only to find out the next day he has scabies on his hands. It gets worse, a resident i've take...
  4. First day on my own

    Thank you so much
  5. First day on my own

    So training is over as a CNA in a nursing home, was on my own today. It's completely normal to be slow the first day on my own correct? My floor partner kept critiquing me and said i was slow. I thought i did the best of my "first day beginner" abili...
  6. CNA license

    CNA application status says "final approval". That means its almost active correct? How long will this take? I've been waiting a few days. Been waiting forever so im really anxious. Plus I start my new job tomorrow! Im getting hired under NA. Anyone ...
  7. CNA job description schedule/tips?

    Would anyone be nice enough to give a full description of their evening shift duties? Like you clock in, get report, etc. I would like to know what to expect as a new CNA. Orientation starts Thursday. I obviously know the job description of a CNA and...
  8. So I got this job as a CNA in a nursing home, where I live, south of seattle, the minimum wage was raised up to 12 dollars. Its gradually increasing to 12 dollars each year so right now its $10.35. My starting pay would have to be more than minimum w...
  9. Got the job! Any tips?

    Nursing home
  10. Got the job! Any tips?

    I just got a call from my employer and she said shes running the background check, gonna look at my references and told me when orientation was. CNA full time night shift was unavailable unfortunately but she offered part-time evening on the weekends...
  11. Help me please

    No, I didnt put down that I had my NAR or NAC.
  12. Help me please

    So, i hope someone can answer and give me clarification. Im getting paranoid because I just got a CNA job interview and the employer said since my NAC is pending, she can hire me as a NA at first. Under my NAR im assuming. But my NAR has expired a co...
  13. Good chance I got job?

  14. Good chance I got job?

    I had an interview for a CNA night shift position and it went really good. The employer said she would call me next week about orientation and that they will run the background check. Is that a good sign? Or do they usually just say they will call an...
  15. CNA license question

    Thank you! That makes things more clear.