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  1. ButterflyGotThisGGM

    Hesi Exit Exam to Nclex

    My school's hesi exit exam isn't a requirement that affects the student's chance of graduating but it's said that the hesi exit exam predicts the chances of passing the nclex. I have taken my third exit exam out of 8 and I failed it. I know I can't predict the future but it sucks feeling like I can't prepare and pass this exam. Has anyone failed the exam but was able to pass the nclex?
  2. ButterflyGotThisGGM

    Late to clinical

    Thanks everyone! I spoke to my general instructor about it and she said, "lets not have it become frequent because it can be problematic and that's when it involves more people from the school" and also, she going to see what I can do to make up the 2 hrs. I was definitely thinking the worse that can happen (like being dismissed) or something but yeah.
  3. ButterflyGotThisGGM

    Late to clinical

    I was late to clinical for the first time and it devastating. My alarm didn't go off and when I finally woke up, I woke up at the exact time clinical starts. So I got ready as fast as I can and because of how far my clinical site was, it took me an hr and half to get there and with traffic, so I was late by 2 hrs. My clinical instructor said that she's going to have to report it/note it because she wants to set an example to the other students in our group so that they'll know they can't get away with coming late and told me to make sure to not come late ever again. This is my first time being late and it's my second semester. I know now I will have multiple alarms set to wake myself up. I just feel extremely bad this happened and it's been days but I'm still hurting.