Opps, broke something? Maybe?


I had clinical on Thursday and during clinical, I was taking vitals for my assigned patients. When I was getting the vitals machine cleaned and ready to go to my next patient's room, the thermometer fell onto the ground. I picked it up and noticed it had a missing piece on it. I'm was unsure if it was already on there or not, so I look on the patient's floor to see if any piece came off and fell on the ground, but I didn't find anything. I did look at the machine and tested it to make sure it still worked and it did. So now I just remembered that incident and I felt that I should have said something. A nurse did come in after I was done testing the machine, but I guess that distracted me or something.

I felt that I should have done something. Any input?

Sour Lemon

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I would be annoyed if someone wasted my time telling me they might have broken something that still worked, and they couldn't find a missing piece of something that they're not even sure fell off.

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Meh- it was probably dropped and broken before you got it. You looked for the missing piece and didn't find it. That's plenty of due diligence.

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Did it still work?

mtmkjr, BSN

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Don't worry about it. If it stops working, someone will put in a work order for repair.

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Sleep with a clear conscious, it still worked when you was done. I can almost promise that is not the worse thing this machine has went through

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Did it still work?

Yes. I was able to complete my task.

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Thank you everyone for your input. Appreciate it.