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  1. Hello everyone. I recently graduated from my post-masters FNP program in December 2019. I made arrangements to take my boards in March, but my exam was canceled due to COVID-19. I have 2 years of med/surg experience and I still work on a med/surg unit at the moment. I am interested in working in the ER or Urgent care once I pass my boards. Do you all have any suggestions for new grad NPs trying to land a job in the ER or urgent care? I have seen many Youtube videos of new grad PAs talking about landing ER or urgent care jobs, but not NPs. I would like to hear some advice from some of my fellow NPs. Thanks!
  2. MsBrain

    Completing DNP While Working Full-Time

    Hello everyone! I was accepted into a hybrid MSN to DNP program that starts this fall. I am required to attend on campus sessions twice a semester and these sessions last 3 days per occurrence. For the fall I will have to take off from work Monday-Wednesday once in August and once in November. Since I will be working a full-time primary care job, I plan to work Monday through Friday. Are employers usually accommodating towards school situations and allow employees time off for educational advancement? What have your experiences been? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. MsBrain

    DNP from Yale?

    Congratulations! I graduated from an accelerated MSN program at an Ivy League school and I have not noticed any distinct advantage in terms of higher level positions or higher pay. I have heard that DNPs in general sometimes get higher pay than NPs with a MSN degree. Unfortunately in the healthcare world, promotions are based on level of experience and seniority. In contrast, careers like finance and law acknowledge Ivy League graduates and typically award these graduates with higher pay and more prestigious positions. I would not discourage you from attending Yale, because going to a school like that can allow for other great opportunities like networking, a world class education, and the privilege of listing this school on your resume. I think it's worth it.
  4. MsBrain


    I am looking for a preceptor in primary care/family medicine near Memphis, TN and the surrounding area to precept between 09/03/19-12/06/19. The preceptor will be compensated for their time. Does anyone know of some preceptors available this fall?
  5. MsBrain

    NP Preceptors Memphis, TN

    I am looking for a preceptor in the Memphis area as well. Would you be willing to send me the list from your school as well?
  6. MsBrain

    Memphis Area Preceptors

    I am a family nurse practitioner student currently looking for preceptors in the Memphis area. I need preceptors for the following rotations: geriatrics, pediatrics, women's health, and residency. If you know any preceptors in the Memphis area, please let me know. I have been faxing interest letters to different clinics around the city, but I have only received two responses so far. I start my clinicals in June and I need preceptors ASAP. Thanks!
  7. MsBrain

    New Grad RN Salary Range

    I do not have any prior RN experience. While I agree with your main point, I still believe it is important for me to know what is an appropriate salary range for the job I'm seeking while considering level of experience and education. Many new graduates get taken advantage of and sometimes price themselves too low. I'm not desperate for a job where I'm just going to accept anything someone offers me without knowing critical information.
  8. MsBrain

    New Grad RN Salary Range

    According to U.S. News and World Report: #1 Duke University #2 Johns Hopkins University #3 University of Pennsylvania #4 Emory University #5 Ohio State University
  9. MsBrain

    New Grad RN Salary Range

    Hello everyone. I will be graduating in August with a non-specialty MSN and I am currently looking at different employment opportunities. I am specifically interested in a resident position in the ER. What would be an appropriate starting for a MSN, RN graduating from a top 5 nursing school? I'm looking at jobs in Tennessee and Mississippi. Hope this information helps you all answer my question. Thank you!
  10. MsBrain

    Post-Masters FNP programs

    I am interested in applying to post masters FNP programs after graduating with my Masters in Nursing in August. The programs I am applying to involve online coursework and I must find my own preceptors and clinical sites for clinical. Generally speaking, is it more competitive to get into a post-masters certificate program or a DNP program? Usually when I apply to schools, I like to know the acceptance rate and the average gpa of students accepted, but many post-masters programs do not publish this type of data. Thank you!
  11. MsBrain

    Help! Concept Map Confusion

    There are some things I need to improve on my concept map for med surg, but I need some pointers. I have included an overview of my patient as well as my prioritized nursing diagnoses. I was told that the risk for impaired cardiovascular function should have been my # 1 priority, but I though an actual diagnosis took priority over a risk for diagnosis. I was also told that some parts of my interventions were unrealistic. What would be some more realistic interventions for my top 3 nursing diagnoses? HPI: The patient was admitted to the hospital after experiencing violent coughing and difficulty breathing. Temp: 37.4 BP: 133/60 HR: 141 RR: 22 Pain: 0 O2 sat: 99 Neuro: Alert, A&O x 3, appropriately responds to questions, slurred speech, PERRLA Resp/O2: clear breath sounds bilaterally, labored, even rhythm, symmetrical chest expansion Cardio: S1 and S2, no murmurs, rubs, or gallops, RRR, cap refill GI: Rounded abdomen, BS +X4Q, soft abdomen, small BM, soft, brown, last BM: 01/26/17, intermittent G-tube feeds GU: Incontinent, non-distended bladder MS/Activity: obese, limited ROM, normal muscle tone, weak muscle strength, swelling of the right arm, bed bound Skin: pink, warm, dry, smooth, slow recoil, 2 unstageable pressure ulcers on left sole of the foot, white wound on the outer left ankle, flaking and peeling of the skin on the bottom side of the left thigh. Nursing diagnosis #1 Impaired skin integrity r/t: physical immobilization AEB · 2 unstageable pressure ulcers on left sole of the foot · White wound on the outer left ankle #2 Impaired physical mobility r/t: previous stroke AEB · Inability of move purposefully within physical environment · Inability to perform action as instructed · Limited ROM · Hemiplegia #3 Risk for impaired cardiovascular function r/t: tachycardia AEB · Normal saline fluid bolus (999 mL/hr) · 3+ radial pulse · Elevated lactate (3.7) #4 Risk for aspiration r/t: impaired gag reflex AEB · G-tube feeding · Inability to elevate upper body #5 Risk for constipation r/t: immobility AEB · Bed bound · Low fiber diet · Lisinopril · Metroprolol succinate Care plan [TABLE=class: MsoTableGrid] [TR] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  12. I will be graduating in August 2017 with an MSN degree, but it will be non-specialty so I will only be an RN. I am interested in becoming a FNP, but most programs I have read about don't cater to the degree I'm receiving. I would preferably like to be in a DNP program as opposed to just a certificate program, but my ultimate goal is really to be a FNP, DNP or not. Also, I don't have any prior nursing experience since my master's program is accelerated, so I would preferably like to be in a bridge program or a program that does not require RN experience. In addition, I would like to be in a program that starts in the spring because I would need time to take my NCLEX after graduating in August. Any suggestions for programs?
  13. MsBrain

    Grade Forgiveness for nursing school

    I took several challenging math and science classes throughout my undergraduate career while juggling a busy schedule of extracurricular activities. Also, because of my experiences in the science area, I see myself beyond well qualified compared to applicants that have only taken the pre-reqs for this program. I did take a D in a class, but that was my last attempt at passing the final class for my degree. I did complete my bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. Let's just say, biochemistry was not my thing. I'm currently completing my science pre-reqs for these programs. The science classes under my first degree include Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Biology, and Biochemistry.
  14. I'm interested in applying to some direct entry MSN programs and I noticed that most of the programs require a 3.0 GPA on your first degree to be considered. So far with all of my credits, I have 2.95 GPA, but I retook some classes in the past and received grade forgiveness for a few bad grades, which puts my recalculated GPA at 3.17. Which GPA will nursing schools consider?
  15. MsBrain

    Graduate School nursing admissions

    I have already obtained an undergraduate degree outside of nursing and I would like to attend an accelerated BSN program. I would like to eventually apply to a CRNA school once I complete my BSN and get some experience in the ICU. Will CRNA programs look more at my grades from my first bachelors degree or my BSN degree? I took science classes in undergrad including general chemistry, general physics, general biology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. I did not do great in all of these classes and many of them I had to repeat to just get a C. I definitely did not do well in biochemistry since I made an F the first time and only made a D on the second try. My time in undergrad was definitely occupied with several extracurricular activities which contributed to many of my bad grades. My cumulative average for my first degree is still a 3.0 despite having some bad grades here and there.
  16. MsBrain

    Accelerated BSN programs

    I needed biochem for pre-med and to complete my chemistry minor. Obviously I can't apply to med school with a D in biochem so I'm just going the nursing route to save time and money. I'm just glad I'm done with my degree.

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