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Hello everyone! I got a job offer from a company in NYC for a NP job. This will be my first job working as a NP. I am a little suspicious about the way the company proposed the offer. A few days after my interview, they sent me an employment contract through their company's attorney. No one gave me a phone call saying they were offering me the job and what division of the company I would be working in. Also, no one has told me about the benefits I would be offered and so on. I have been speaking with the company's lawyer through email and she says that I will be working in urgent care, but none of this information is in the contract. Does anyone have any insight concerning this? I find it very odd that a recruiter did not call me outlining the details of the job offer. Who just sends a contract as an employment offer?

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That does sound odd. Is there someone else you can speak to from the company, not the attorney?


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Sounds a little fishy. You could always have your own attorney take a look at it, especially since it'll be your first position.