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How to Land an ER/Urgent Care Job as a New Grad


Hello everyone. I recently graduated from my post-masters FNP program in December 2019. I made arrangements to take my boards in March, but my exam was canceled due to COVID-19. I have 2 years of med/surg experience and I still work on a med/surg unit at the moment. I am interested in working in the ER or Urgent care once I pass my boards. Do you all have any suggestions for new grad NPs trying to land a job in the ER or urgent care? I have seen many Youtube videos of new grad PAs talking about landing ER or urgent care jobs, but not NPs. I would like to hear some advice from some of my fellow NPs. Thanks!

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Most ERs and Urgent Cares where I live aren't hiring FNP, but rather ACNP. In fact, where I live FNPs are struggling to find jobs at all. There are simply too many of them, driving down wages and making the market super tight. This might or might not be the case where you are. It's a problem in bigger cities mostly. I would suggest you take a look at rural facilities.