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Med/surg, correctional nursing
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ColtonsGma has 6 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Med/surg, correctional nursing.

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  1. ColtonsGma

    COVID pay in correctional facility

    Hello everyone, Im wondering if anyone has went through this and how did you handle it. I work in a corrections facility in Ca and was out for a positive COVID test in Dec. They are not paying me due to my classification of limited intermittant, although I work full time hours. Can I refuse to work COVID units or must I still float where they tell me to? So disheartning and I feel so unvalued.....
  2. ColtonsGma

    License Accusation

    Thank you chare. This has been a long journey and one I am still in shock about. I appreciate your response and hope for a happy and healthy year for you and yours and all of us
  3. ColtonsGma

    License Accusation

    So finally after almost 5 years, the BVNPT has decided to make a formal accusation against my license. I have retained a lawyer and hoping for a quick resolution but we know how that goes. My question Is, do I inform my job (different than the one the accusation is from) that this has happened or wait until the outcome? It’s public record now and anyone searching my license can see the whole court documents. I feel the right thing is to tell them and take my chances but I’m getting advice from others not to say a word. I did reach out to my lawyer and hoping to hear back tomorrow with her thoughts, I’d also like to hear my fellow nurses advice on this. Thank you in advance
  4. ColtonsGma

    DCA Investigation.

    About 4 years ago, a former PT complained about the nursing home where i was working, that his wound vac treatments weren’t being done. There was an investigation with all his nurses, I was one of them, and now the DCA investigator wants to do an interview with me. I’m just curious as if I need to take a lawyer with me or just go on my own? Any advice appreciated!
  5. ColtonsGma

    LVN to RN bridge

    Hi everyone! Has anyone had experience with the LVN to RN. Bridge at Carrington College in Sacramento Ca? A friend and I are thinking of taking the program and are looking for some experiences. Going tomorrow to speak with them to see how the academics are. Thanks in advance!
  6. ColtonsGma

    Need an online Beg.algebra course!

    Hi all my fellow nurses! I am looking to do a bridge program and I need to find an online beginning algebra cours that I can transfer to the college I'm applying to. I have asked the college and the admissions lady is on vacay. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you 😊
  7. ColtonsGma

    License under investigation

    Thank you so much for your reply! I will write out a statement and keep it in my file. I gave my Administrator and DON a statement verbally and now I'll put one in my file. Thank you for your advice!
  8. ColtonsGma

    License under investigation

    Hi all. Looking for some advice. 6 months ago, as a new nurse, I had no experience with a wound vac so during a tx I assisted the tx nurse but signed if off in the mar under my name. Neither one of us prog noted and the res complained he wasn't having his txs done. My facility was cited and now I'm under investigation my DON has a request for info from the board but I never received a letter at all. My question is do I need to give a statement to the board? Should I personally contact them? I thought at the time as long as I witnessed and/or assisted I could sign off but now I'm being told no. I checked my BON and my license says active and no action against it. It's was a new nurse mistake that has never happened again and I chart everything. And advice would be much appreciated
  9. ColtonsGma

    Waiting anxiously

    Thank you! I'm hoping to hear by next week ☺️
  10. ColtonsGma

    Waiting anxiously

    Hi all, I just took my nclex pn this past Monday 6/27/16 and I am so confused and feeling miserable! About 75% of my test was SATA, 2 pharm, 2 labs, 2 OB and a few safety and infection. I shut off at 85 and am feeling so discouraged. My state doesn't have the quick results, CA, so yes I tried the PVT and it wouldn't let me reregister. Has the trick said this yet the person failed? So confused thank you!'