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  1. We’re all being “fired”! Is this legal?

    Wow, just wow. A number of things stand out. You say you don't do chemo now so the ONC certification requires I believe you have to have been a oncology nurse for at least a year and you have to have knowledge of various types of chemo to pass the ex...
  2. Nurses, Do You Feel Valued???

    Yes and no. Some patients are appreciative and thank me, others act like I am there to serve them. Co-workers for the most part at great, but they are too busy themselves to be of any help. The charge nurse, there is one good one who will get up and ...
  3. My Coworkers are Driving Me Nuts

    So how would you handle this if it is the charge nurse with these behaviors. When I worked nights, there was a charge nurse who slept at the desk all the time (they did not have any patients) and now on day shift, I will see the charge nurse at the d...
  4. Breach of Contract

    I read my contract and it said nothing about employee handbook. My pay was cut by 1/3, but I only had a week remaining on the contract. That hospital cut all the travelers pay at the same time. We were given the option of cancelling the contract (and...
  5. Breach of Contract

    I find this interesting. I have had several friends, who travel contracts were whose contracts were either cancelled effective immediately (not for anything the nurse did) or the travel pay was cut significantly by the hospitals that had contracted w...
  6. Vanderbilt Nurses

    My question, how many of you are thinking of quitting? I would not work there for any amount of money. They absolutely covered up the case and threw Radonda under the bus. And I realize no institution will look out for your best interest, but this w...
  7. Vanderbilt ICU Nursing

    you got that right!
  8. cancelling contracts

    Can the facilities cancel your contract without any cause or warning? There are rumors going around that they are going to cancel all the contracts and over half the staff in MS, ICU and ER are travel nurses.
  9. Can't get covid at work

    A month ago we had a patient who was on the med/surg floor, was swabbed for placement (after he had been there a week). They tested everyone who had been assigned to him and no one came back positive. After that, we patients have the rapid test prior...
  10. Can't get covid at work

    Yep exactly what my hospital network is saying. If you test positive, unless you can prove you got it from the hospital, you are out of luck. And if you are positive, you have to take a phone call from employee health every 48hrs or your absence will...
  11. Nursemates alternative

    I have found that spending $80/twice a year for shoes is much better than paying a podiatrist or to ever having plantar fasciitis ever again! I currently wear Brooks GTS ($130/pair), but they keep changing them and they aren't as good as they used to...
  12. Am I moving to fast?

    Just go for it! If you are not sure you can handle the ER pace, maybe you can ask if you can job shadow for several hours, this way you can see if you would like it and they would get to know you.
  13. What is your mom's general overall condition? Do you think she would qualify for hospice? I'm just throwing this out there.
  14. LTC surveyor

    Didn't know where to post this, there is no specialty for this job. I have an interview in a week for a this position and so want this job. I have been applying for a couple years and this is the first call I have gotten. Anyone out there a surveyor...
  15. Night Nursing: Precepting & Perception

    Curious as to what NSUA stands for, from a lazy night nurse! and no I'm not working tonight.
  16. IV Insertion Difficulty

    Do you have an education department? See if you can spend a day in outpatient surgery, they start a lot of IVs. This is what my previous place of employment did. It just takes practice and confidence. It took me a almost a year to become proficient a...
  17. My DON came to my house today

    this needs to posted in the DON forum, see what they say. I second what Canigraduate had to say.
  18. Compassus

    Anyone have any thoughts on this company, thanks
  19. Metallic taste/nausea with saline flushes

    I have patients with peripheral lines tell me the same thing, not all but some of them.
  20. Final Capstone paper PASSED!!

    Congrats! How long did it take you to finish this program and was it the rn to msn program?
  21. Well, Isn't This Special

    They are on Facebook "Get My Nurse", found this on their FB page: New health care app Get My Nurse - New York News
  22. Convicted of murder as a teen and now a nurse

    If she was convicted as a juvenile, the records would be sealed forever and she does not have to mention it. When she was released she basically had a clean record. She changed her name legally and went on with her life. I don't approve, but this is ...
  23. How can I hate my job?

    Sorry to hear this. I am an older nurse also and am really getting tired of the rat race of acute care (hospital) and was thinking of applying to dialysis. Do you mind telling what company?
  24. MedExpress Virtual Job Tryout help

    sorry don't have any answers for you. Did you apply, maybe you can tell us more about the virtual job tryout, and if you took a job with Med Express, how do you like it?
  25. what is CDL

    Did it say CLD instead? which is clear liquid diet