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Didn't know where to post this since there isn't a section for PCU nurses. My question is what are your nurse-to-patient ratios for PCU/Step-down? In my hospital, there are five PCU units. I would like to see how we compare to others in the nurse-to-patient ratios. We are 4 to 1 sometimes, but mostly 5 to 1, which is the same for the Med/Surg units.

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I was just hired as a new nurse and at my hospital the ratio is 3:1. However, the other  hospital in my town has a ratio of 4/5:1.  


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In my hospital, up until last week, PCU has been 12 beds with 3 RNs. Sometimes, there's a shortage so PCU will have 2 RNs. Depending on what's happening in the hospital and ICU it's self, ICU RN might float to PCU to balance out these numbers. 

Currently, the PCU is being renovated so they might add more beds, don't know.

Like many renos, we don't know until its over 😂

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Our PCU/IMCU is 1:4.  Sometimes day shift has an extra nurse and they can do 1:3.  We have also recently started utilizing LPNs, so the RN may have a total assignment of 1:4 but the LPN may take 1 of them. 

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