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  1. Like insulin or for example if someone had a head injury and you hold trazadone so that symptoms of head injury isn't mistaken for side effects of the sleep aid.
  2. What are some interventions you usually use to deal with syncope and dizziness? I know checking the blood sugar, and vital signs should be the first you do. Then having the person lie flat and and letting them drink warm water, beef bouillon is anoth...
  3. I just want some clarification? Because I was just told by my manager that I would have to stay on shift if they cannot find relief for the next shift because, according to her, the college of nurses of Ontario states that we need to stay on if relie...
  4. Had I been let out two years earlier, I could have gone on to do my masters.
  5. I felt like the last two years of my bachelors was a complete money grab for my university as I learned nothing practical or useful and would have completely at ease graduating at the two year mark.
  6. I keep hearing about how American hospitals sometimes pay certain high achieving nursing students their tuition in exchange for locking them in contracts (presumably full-time) after graduation, and how easy it is to find a job in the states. I'm a C...
  7. How soon did you get your full time job position?

    Where are you based? I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  8. I currently have 8 months of RN experience under my belt. I'm currently a temporary part timer. Before my current job, I was a permanent part timer. I'm looking to apply for a new job maybe after another year at my current job. Just wondering how lo...
  9. Which field of nursing is the most technically hard?

    I'm almost 25. I want to try out the hardest type of nursing to challenge myself.
  10. Which field of nursing is the most technically hard?

    Hard as in the specialty that requires the most amount of critical thinking and the field of nursing which has the fastest pace.
  11. Which field of nursing is the most technically hard?

    I have worked in long term care for the past six months and do not require continuing education. It is offered, but not required as entry into the field; whereas, if you look at ER positions, many require a continuing education certificate or will se...
  12. I'm thinking either ER or ICU since both fields require continuing education. What, in your experience, is the hardest nursing field?
  13. How likely is it for a Canadian nurse to work in New York City?

    What about Hawaii and California? I have heard they are saturated as well, but still remain hopeful.
  14. Hi, I'm a Canadian nurse with few months of experience under my belt. I was wondering: what are my chances of landing a job in new york city? I heard the nursing market is saturated there but still remain hopeful.
  15. Thanks floridaRN38, I appreciate that. ?