Is it easy to get a job in America than in Canada?


I keep hearing about how American hospitals sometimes pay certain high achieving nursing students their tuition in exchange for locking them in contracts (presumably full-time) after graduation, and how easy it is to find a job in the states.

I'm a Canadian nurse currently still a temporary part timer even with 8 months under my belt.


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I think it's where you are located. I, sure you could easily get a full time position if you wanted to go up north and get paid pretty well. However, most people will prefer to stay in the metropolitan areas, so you're competing with more people for work.

I have classmates who graduated with me who are only casual, but they work at a major trauma centre. I went to a smaller hospital and had a full time position within 6 months of working casually


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Just like Canada, the USA is a massive country. Yes, certain hospitals do offer tuition reimbursement for employees. Yes, some offer very nice sign on bonuses and relocation bonuses for new hires (depending on your specialty). The kicker is picking where you would be willing to live and then doing the legwork of researching the facilities and maybe even making some phone calls to find out who is offering what.

New York, Hawaii, and California are known for having a saturated job market, but there are plenty of other really attractive fish in the US sea to go for. I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for 11 years and each time I switched hospitals, for my particular unit, I received a 10k sign on bonus, relocation, and the option of tuition reimbursement. When I moved to Virginia, I had the exact same offer for my specialty. However, for the job I am in now in Virginia, I received no such perks. It just varies.

Best of Luck!