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RatchedRN80 has 2 years experience as a BSN, EMT-B and specializes in Critical Care RN.

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  1. RatchedRN80

    Kaiser Zion San DIEGO ICU

    Hi, I have an interview for Kaiser SD Zion hospital for ICU RN. I have over 2 years of experience in an ICU that requires me to be knowledgeable/work in all four units; trauma, cardiac, med surg, and neuro. I am interested in relocating to SD with my family and need to secure employment first. My questions are: Does this ICU have designated units for nurses like most hospitals, or are you required to work in all units as well? Any tips on interview questions? Also if anyone has insight on the leadership and management here, please let me know. I am coming from a hospital with a horrid culture and I am really looking for a place that treats their nurses well. Also- the pay was noted to start around $65/hr, does this seem appropriate? Thanks in advance!
  2. RatchedRN80

    Golden West College Fall 2016, Spring 2017

    Holy moly. That makes me nervous. Most likely they had more applicants than they are used to, which means it's delayed AND we now have more competition for a spot.
  3. Hello, I haven't seen any threads started for Glendale Community College for Fall 2016 cohort. If anyone else has applied post here and let's keep each other updated. Also, inform us if you've heard anything back. Thanks!
  4. RatchedRN80

    LA Pierce College Fall 2016

    I applied to Pierce and was sent an email yesterday to take the TEAS. I already took it though, so I sent in my results. Anyone have an idea of when we find out of we were chosen or how we find out? Via regular mail or email? Thanks.
  5. RatchedRN80

    Golden West College Fall 2016, Spring 2017

    Hey everyone, I applied too. I still haven't heard back. After reading all the comments on here... I am confused. So they are posting notifications on their website about when they are sending out letters? Also, how are we supposed to be notified individually, through regular mail? Thanks. Anyone that gets a letter or a phone call PLEASE let us know.
  6. RatchedRN80

    College of the Desert Spring 2016

    Well, I'm out again. Just checked my mail and got the denial letter. 47 points didn't cut it. Good luck everyone!
  7. RatchedRN80

    College of the Desert Spring 2016

    I haven't received any emails or letters, but I will be checking daily now! Do you happen to know what the points were of those that got denial letters?
  8. RatchedRN80

    Riverside Community College Nursing Program Spring 2016

    I haven't. I did email the school, to the same address we turned in our applications stating I hadn't gotten a receipt from them yet, but I still haven't had a response. I will be calling if I don't hear something in a couple more days.
  9. RatchedRN80

    Wgu bsn start date 11/1/15

    Hi Michelle, I see, I was under the impression that students aren't admitted until everyone has applied for that specific start date- they also said they only have 10 spots available every cohort but I am in So. Cal. Oh well. Hope I get in. I have 79 transferrable credits. If you don't mind me asking, what was your a&p 1&2 and micro GPA as well as your TEAS score? Its giving me a better idea if I have a chance or not.
  10. RatchedRN80

    Wgu bsn start date 11/1/15

    Hi, you've been accepted already? I just turned in all that was required for my Qualified Nursing File. I thought they have to go through all of the applications first as a panel and then decide who will be given their spots. I am just curious. I am applying to the BSN-Prelicensure program. Is this the same one your are referring to? If so, what is your science GPA for A&P I & II and Micro, and your TEAS score? Thank you for any helpful info!
  11. RatchedRN80

    Glendale Community College SPRING 2016

    Bumping this thread... has anyone that applied to Glendale Community College heard anything back from the nursing department yet?
  12. RatchedRN80

    College of the Desert Spring 2016

    Has anyone received a denial letter or an acceptance email yet?
  13. RatchedRN80

    Imperial Valley College SPRING 2016

    Hi everyone, I am starting a thread for those of us that applied to Imperial Valley College for the ADN program starting Spring 2016. Let's all try to keep one another posted if we hear anything and share our points calculated from the multi-criteria grid so we can see if we have a chance or not! :) :) The deadline for the app is September 30, which is coming quickly. From what I understand we should hear something via email between Oct. 30- Nov. 30. They say it takes 30-60 days after it closes to decide. My total points were that amazing. I have 70. Anyone else out there that applied?
  14. Hello future nurses, I am starting a thread for Glendale Community College for those of us that applied just recently in August for the Spring 2016. Please post on here if you hear anything back from the school regarding acceptance. I understand it is a lottery based program, but I am unsure of how many spots are available. From what I have gathered, we should hear the latest by November via email. Good luck everyone!
  15. RatchedRN80

    College of the Desert Spring 2016

    Wow, you all have very high points. Thats amazing. I am sure you will both get in...
  16. Hello everyone, I am starting a new thread for those of us that applied to San Diego City College for the SPRING 2016 ADN program. The deadline is December 1, 2015. Please post on here if you get anything from them via email or mail or telephone. Also, post your total points you added up from the Multi-Criteria Grid so we can see point averages and get an idea who actually gets in and how many points they had. So excited to hear something! Good luck everyone!