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Kaiser Zion San DIEGO ICU


Specializes in Critical Care RN. Has 3 years experience.

Hi, I have an interview for Kaiser SD Zion hospital for ICU RN. I have over 2 years of experience in an ICU that requires me to be knowledgeable/work in all four units; trauma, cardiac, med surg, and neuro.  I am interested in relocating to SD with my family and need to secure employment first. My questions are: Does this ICU have designated units for nurses like most hospitals, or are you required to work in all units as well?  Any tips on interview questions?  Also if anyone has insight on the leadership and management here, please let me know.  I am coming from a hospital with a horrid culture and I am really looking for a place that treats their nurses well.  Also- the pay was noted to start around $65/hr, does this seem appropriate? Thanks in advance!