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  1. TexasmedicRN

    Too old to pursue ACNP?

    Currently 38, working on BSN after working CVICU for a year. Looking at 5-6 years to complete, while working full time. Just curious if time and money is worth it, plus if it’s risky with a lot moving in the same direction.
  2. TexasmedicRN

    How to stay up to date as an ICU RN?

    How do you study and stay up to date as an RN? Certain books, websites, or other reading materials? Do you just read up on things you run into that you are unfamiliar with? Sorry if dumb question, just wanting to learn and grow.
  3. TexasmedicRN

    How long can you work as an ACNP?

    38 now. Starting on my BSN, and then thinking about ACNP. Will probably finish, if going straight through around 42-43. I have seen many bedside nurses into their 60’s. Do you feel like you could continue as an ACNP into your 60’s? I imagine it depends a lot on your roll and specific field.
  4. TexasmedicRN

    Thoughts on ADN to MSN then NP?

    If NP is the end goal, is there a difference between going from ADN to MSN? As compared to going ADN-> BSN -> NP?
  5. TexasmedicRN

    Best in Texas ADN to BSN?

    Best overall cost, flexible, and easily to get into full online ADN to BSN program.
  6. Always trying to improve. What in your eyes is the difference between a decent nurse and a great ICU nurse. Obviously experience teaches us all, but is there a specific knowledge that is really needed in the ICU? I am not talking about general stuff work ethic, laziness, a drive to learn, eye for detail, etc. Mainly what knowlegde separates the great from good nurse. I have heard medication knowledge is huge.
  7. TexasmedicRN

    Struggling, am I a crappy nurse?

    Thank you so much for the positivity. Was a very bright white cloud while on the ambulance. Working ICU has been such and incredible learning experience. Have such a long ways to go. This help tremendously!
  8. TexasmedicRN

    Struggling, am I a crappy nurse?

    Two shifts, two codes, both my pt. One as soon as I got there. The other as my shift was ending (back to back shifts). Looking to see if anyone had any experience with pt's dying close together under their care. Wondering if I am turning into a black cloud. Busted my jump all day with this pt and another. Pt stable most of the day. Then he went south quickly.
  9. TexasmedicRN

    Anyone PRN travel?

    Have a great primary job, approaching 1 yr RN experience, but have a few years medic. Was wondering if anyone does one day a week or every other week travel. Working CVICU right now and looking for an opportunity to travel either in the ICU or ER. Just curious if it's possible.
  10. TexasmedicRN


    Wanted to ask for a while. A nurse has been arrested and charged with murder. All the staff are leaving and think the nurse is being set up to take the fall for bad outcomes. Management and above say the RN is absolutely guilty. Would you be worrying about staying there? Think it's possible for an RN to be framed for murder?
  11. TexasmedicRN

    False acusations?

    Has anyone ever heard of a nurse being set up, or blamed for a crime to cover up bad patient outcomes? Have you ever seen nurses as scape goats? just wondering if anyone has had issues with this before or seen it first hand.
  12. TexasmedicRN

    Trying to ensure success!

    Thanks. Just finished ordering the cardiac surgery book. Came highly recommended.
  13. TexasmedicRN

    Trying to ensure success!

    Recent grad entering the CVICU, nursing, and critical care nursing for the first time. 1) any recommendations on how to be successful? 2) any recommended resources to pass the CCRN. I will not be even considering taking until at least a year or two in. Just wanted good reading/learning material for the job as well. 3) how to get past the intimidation of taking care of really sick patients, while juggling another, monitoring the proper lab values, administering the correct fluids/medications, all while not killing someone. Any help would be greatly appreciated,
  14. TexasmedicRN

    ADN program: Total circus

    THE first semester was a wee day out process. The class before us lost half, but we only lost a few. Remember everyone will struggle and be barely passing or failing. You will all be with in 4 grade points of each other. You take the last test, and wait for your scores that you already calculate that 105 or 84 is needed to pass this semester. The grades are released! All the people who actually cared, studied hard, sacrifices and crawled through the assignments with little to no instruction are the ones that get what they need and then some. The lazy, last minute procrastinators, and people who usually skim by are eliminated for the class. After they get rid of the riff raf, the instructor is a lot nicer and will actually help you. From there it is continually evolving and every semester changes everything. All in all the school gave me what I needed , my initials RN!
  15. TexasmedicRN

    Medic to RN?

    Sorry, paramedic.