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  1. TexasmedicRN


    Can you copy and paste any templates, or link that can help improve documentation speed? Trying to find a way to reduce the absurd amount of time I spend charting, and would like to focus on actual patient care. I do SOC, ROC, DC, regular SN visits, and Recerts.
  2. TexasmedicRN

    Pay for ICU progression?

    Took a break for HH, and will be returning to ICU after Covid clears. Anyways, what did you start at pay in ICU, and how much now? Does it pay to stay ICU and build years? How much can you make (3x12) a year or hourly?
  3. TexasmedicRN

    HH tips and tricks?

    Please help me save time and improve. PPV HH RN. Love the work, patient care, and many aspects. HATE, HATE, HATE (triple hate) the documentation. It’s part of it, and I will embrace it. My question is are there any tips and tricks you could share with me to shave time off my documentation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. TexasmedicRN

    How much do you make pay per visit?

    What are you seeing on an average day? How many ROC,SOC, skill visit etc? How does that equate to wages? Just wondering how much one can expect to make I know it will vary.
  5. TexasmedicRN

    Please explain per diem!

    Please explain how much you make with per diem? Just average? How does your typical day week work? Pay per visit. anyone work for LHC? Review?
  6. TexasmedicRN

    Always feeling rushed/stressed!

    How do you approach busy shifts? All my day shifts are super busy every morning till about mid to late morning. Some taper off and I just maintain based off the assignment. While the majority I don’t get caught up (finished assess/meds/charting ) till early to late afternoon. I feel a lot of anxiety if I am not caught up or finished with the essentials. Is there any advice on mentally how to approach your day when something monkey wrenches you’re morning and it puts you behind? A lot of times there isn’t really an issue with a sick or crashing pt, I just feel very stressed when everything is not done and perfect. I had one nurse tell me to just take care of the pt and don’t worry about documentation until all your pt’s are good. Then just catch up as you can.
  7. TexasmedicRN

    Maintain paramedic NREMT?

    Any medic RN's out there? I am working ICU, and plan to stay doing that while I get my ACNP. Really struggling with letting my medic go. Its hard to justify 72 hours of CE, many in person, and hundreds of dollars to maintain a cert I am not going to use. I have no desire to fly, or go back to the truck. I would not mind doing a ground critical care transport, but don't really see to many opportunities for that. Have y'all found anything that helps to maintain NREMT for a low $ and time requirement?
  8. TexasmedicRN

    Too old to pursue ACNP?

    Currently 38, working on BSN after working CVICU for a year. Looking at 5-6 years to complete, while working full time. Just curious if time and money is worth it, plus if it’s risky with a lot moving in the same direction.
  9. TexasmedicRN

    How to stay up to date as an ICU RN?

    How do you study and stay up to date as an RN? Certain books, websites, or other reading materials? Do you just read up on things you run into that you are unfamiliar with? Sorry if dumb question, just wanting to learn and grow.
  10. TexasmedicRN

    How long can you work as an ACNP?

    38 now. Starting on my BSN, and then thinking about ACNP. Will probably finish, if going straight through around 42-43. I have seen many bedside nurses into their 60’s. Do you feel like you could continue as an ACNP into your 60’s? I imagine it depends a lot on your roll and specific field.
  11. TexasmedicRN

    Thoughts on ADN to MSN then NP?

    I had someone mention it to me. I do believe a few places offer ADN to MSN finishing with an ACNP. I know of a few that offer ADN to MSN FNP. Just curious. Will probably go do BSN for flexibility and the chance to take a break or deal with any life situations that might arise.
  12. TexasmedicRN

    Thoughts on ADN to MSN then NP?

    If NP is the end goal, is there a difference between going from ADN to MSN? As compared to going ADN-> BSN -> NP?
  13. TexasmedicRN

    Best in Texas ADN to BSN?

    Best overall cost, flexible, and easily to get into full online ADN to BSN program.
  14. Always trying to improve. What in your eyes is the difference between a decent nurse and a great ICU nurse. Obviously experience teaches us all, but is there a specific knowledge that is really needed in the ICU? I am not talking about general stuff work ethic, laziness, a drive to learn, eye for detail, etc. Mainly what knowlegde separates the great from good nurse. I have heard medication knowledge is huge.
  15. TexasmedicRN

    Struggling, am I a crappy nurse?

    Thank you so much for the positivity. Was a very bright white cloud while on the ambulance. Working ICU has been such and incredible learning experience. Have such a long ways to go. This help tremendously!
  16. TexasmedicRN

    Struggling, am I a crappy nurse?

    Two shifts, two codes, both my pt. One as soon as I got there. The other as my shift was ending (back to back shifts). Looking to see if anyone had any experience with pt's dying close together under their care. Wondering if I am turning into a black cloud. Busted my jump all day with this pt and another. Pt stable most of the day. Then he went south quickly.