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  1. New mommy 26

    Hand Sanitizer

    You would need to bath in it for it to pop up as a positive for alcohol. That is EXACTLY what my case worker told me.
  2. New mommy 26

    My Involvment Got Told From HR to Staff

    Hey all so I am literally 4 months from the end of 6 years of monitoring. Just to give some background...I absolutley diverted and absolutley was a nightmare participant in my states recovery program so badly I surrendered my license in 2011. I petitioned for voluntary monitoring not working ad a nurse in 2014 after the birth of my daughter. I went through the process of monitoring to prove my sobriety in 2017 I was granted the ability to practice with another 3 years of monitoring. I worked as a case manager once I passed the boards again. When Covid hit I was like perfect I am going back to the bedside they need me now. And I landed a job in a LTAC. I was caring for a group of patients last weekend that had heavy narcotics. I gave the patients pain medications as prescribed. The next night a friend called me to let me know that the night supervisor approached her about a certain patient who had pain meds given to him twice during my shift. This poor guy has a stage 4 I could put my fist into and was over breathing the vent. The nursing super isor told my friend who was defending the use of narcotics optics in this patient said well if you knew who was on the cart these nights you would not be defending her. I have a new job in a nursing home starting tomorrow and am scared to death to go back. I have literally had 6+ years of clean urine what would you do. My fear is they will start a rumor and an investigation that will be unfounded but will make me suspect and delay my release. What would you all do?
  3. So here is my dilemma. Surrendered nursing license in 2011. Cannot even approach BON until 2016. I am getting so busy in my life and am interviewing for a job that if I get it will make complying with the group therapy mandate impossible. Was thinking what would happen if I just quit the program until 2016, maintained sobriety, documented meetings and just waited to see what happens. Let me just stop the comments to come by saying I am sober and love my life sober so it is not because I want to just party and destroy my life again. Done that, wrote a book, don't want to do that again. I wish I could just do the drug monitoring and maybe therapy and my meetings and call it a day. This group therapy nursing thing blows and I refuse to turn down any opportunities now or in the future to pursue other goals. Any thoughts? P.S. Non nursing opportunities that could spell a new career.
  4. New mommy 26

    Before you judge the addicted nurse.....

    Lub Dub, AMEN. I was getting super upset and trying to find the positives in this thread, then I found your post. That day before that judge is the only judgement that will and should ever truly matter.
  5. New mommy 26

    Calling it quits after 17 years....

    To The OP I actually agree so much with you. while I am still committed to the program I am also wondering if all of this, meaning the program(PNAP) is worth the hassle. Sometimes I wonder about the what ifs. What if I never find a nursing job. What if when I do return to nursing, if I return, I will even like being a nurse. I enjoy helping people but there has to be another way I can help people. I am definitely happier sober and found a relationship with God that means more to me than any license. I ponder all these things and must say the conclusion I came to was the same, as long as I am sober and trust my life to God that is more than I could have ever asked for.

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