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So I am at work and you know how we are all mandated to wear masks throughout the day/night. Well my mask was getting sort of smelly so I sprayed some body spray into my mask and then put it back on my face. I worked 4 hours with that on and just now sitting back at my desk at work I am looking at it and it is full of ALCOHOL! I had option 3 today should I say something to case manager or see if it comes back a non issue. I ordered ETG tests online today to get me through the next month of what I am sure will be at least 5 tests. Let me put it this way I have eaten super ripe fruit, drank one or two Kombucha in a week, and have an ongoing soy sauce problem and nothing ever showed up. But I also never inhaled perfume in a mask. Anyone have advice. Yes I am in the last month and I am LOSING IT!

New mommy 26, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med/Surg; Case Management; LTC. Has 18 years experience.

I did let my case manager at the state know about the perfume incident and she sent me an email to hang in there. I don't know about other participants in PNAP, but I must have lucked out with one of the BEST, straight forward, and no sugar coating or beating over my head honesty and bedside manner I think one could have asked for. Even my PHMP monitor is pretty cool. Maybe I am fortunate but I am counting my blessings.

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I think you are very fortunate and I also don't think the perfume will show on test.