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  1. Awildflower14

    Has anyone gone through Acheive Test Prep?

    Has anyone done the Achieve Prep Program?
  2. Awildflower14

    Lpn or....

    I was in an RN program and the last semester I had to drop due to family issues. I ended up leaving with my LPN. Years of trying to find a good job as an LPN I came up short as to not finding employment. This led me to trying to find a higher degree. I have had nothing but the run around with schools, meaning most don't offer LPN to RN programs. I would never suggest anyone getting a LPN degree in the fact that jobs are far and few between and the the pay is that of a CNA. If you have the means to go back to school to get your BSN is the best thing you can do. I am now adamant about finishing my nursing degree and have enrolled in a BSN program. I find even with my LPN and hasn't taken me anywhere but a dead end,so I am now going to a university for a BSN. I have taken the first year of classes and feel it will be a refresher. I haven't found an easier route. So my advice is to never get a LPN it is a worthless certificate.
  3. Awildflower14

    Anyone know of a place online for TEAS help?

    I have the teas review book but need help on my math and science. I saw some online courses that look good and legitimate but costly and not sure if it would be worth it. I would be grateful for any advice.
  4. Awildflower14

    Anatomy & Physiology Pilot Exam

    That is fantastic to hear! I don't want to have to retake A & P because that will put me another year out. I don't have any notes from those classes since I took them 12 years ago. I have been 3 huge A & P books and have gotten a little overwhelmed. I will get the cliff notes and check out those study guides from amazon. Thank you so much for the responses! It makes me feel a lot better:-)
  5. Awildflower14

    Anatomy & Physiology Pilot Exam

    I want to do the LPN to RN program at CSN, and they told me that since my Anatomy & Physiology were taken over 7 yrs ago I would either have to retake those classes, or test out of them. They have a new Pilot exam where you can be tested on your knowledge of A & P and if I pass I won't have to retake those classes. My question is, has anyone taken this pilot exam?
  6. I am looking for an LPN to BSN program in Utah. I am unsure of which schools are offering this and any information or advice is greatly appreciated. Also, my A & P is over 10 years old and is there a school that will let you test out or let you get by without taking it over?

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