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Has anyone gone through Acheive Test Prep?


Has anyone done the Achieve Prep Program?


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Achieve Test Prep is not a nursing program. A friend of mine who bought into their “program” said that they supposedly teach you how to study at a very hefty price. You’d still be required to meet all requirements and costs of an actual nursing program. Secondhand information is all that I know about them. Be careful.

Found this on their website in fine print at the bottom of the page:

** Achieve Test Prep is a college education consultant and test preparation center that helps you earn your degree faster. Achieve Test Prep is not a college and does not issue degrees or give college credit. The programs listed above and elsewhere on this website are test preparation programs offered by Achieve Test Prep to prepare you to take exams from an independent accredited college or an independent testing center. Achieve purposefully remains independent and does not align itself with any college nor do we commit to any agreements with any college. By being truly independent, we offer a non-biased approach to recommending the best possible college route to our students. While Achieve Test Prep is very knowledgeable on the policies and procedures of many colleges, the final decisions about credits and degrees rest with the colleges. You must independently apply for and be accepted into a college.

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Hello has anyone taken or test out of a and p with excelsior