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  1. nycmoon

    What is Abandonment?

    Is being a No Show/ No Call abandonment? When a RN does not show up for his/her shift for an extended period of time?
  2. nycmoon

    What is Abandonment?

    Is being a No Show / No Call abandonment? If a nurse simply fails to show up to work for a period of time?
  3. I see a BSN is needed to work in major hospitals within New York City. Does this hold true across the nation, for every state? If not, do you think it's definitely headed in that direction?
  4. nycmoon

    Termination reported to BON?

    It's a no-show, no-call. Thanks for your response. When you renew a license is there a question to the effect of , "have you been terminated / faced disciplinary action....?"
  5. nycmoon

    Termination reported to BON?

    I am in NY State. Is a termination automatically reported to the Board of Nursing? Thanks.
  6. nycmoon

    I’m being investigated by the BON!

    Good luck but don't be minimize your actions or be nonchalant in front of the board. It will work against you.
  7. nycmoon

    DWI Felony & Licensure

    I am currently licensed. I have an open case for a DWI Felony. Thank God, no one was hurt and I am in recovery but there was property damage and I blew very high. Does anyone have any direct experience or know of anyone with DWI Felony who managed to keep their license or have it reinstated at a later time? My license is active now but I expect it will be at least suspended in the near future. I am in New York.
  8. nycmoon

    DWI Pending Case

    I currently have my RN License in NY and FL. My DWI case is pending. What can I expect after conviction? What is the process with the Board of Nursing? Thanks and all the best to everyone and their recovery.
  9. nycmoon

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    Typed in VE and automatically go with the first drug that comes up on the list? IF this is true it's extremely reckless and dumb.
  10. nycmoon

    Getting in a New York Hospital

    Thanks for your reply
  11. nycmoon

    Getting in a New York Hospital

    I feel I am working hard, not smart, at finding a hospital job in NYC. I only have my associate degree which I know a big problem with the current trend to only hire those with BSN. Unfortunately, I did not schmooze, network, like I should have while I was working my clinical school rotation so I do not have great contacts. What is the best way to go about finding a position, getting attention, breaking in, etc? Some say hunt down the Nurse Manager and set up an appt with her but I always get redirected to HR. Thanks!
  12. nycmoon

    How to run a Background Check on self?

    I ran a background check via Criminal History Record Search - N.Y. State Courts I had a misdemeanor arrest from many years ago that did not show up for me. If they did not show up for me do you think they will not show up for the Board? Which search method do they use? FBI? I checked out the FBI Background check service but it looks like you have to get your prints taking from a third party and submit them, etc.
  13. nycmoon

    How to run a Background Check on self?

    Thank you. I can get a criminal history record from NYS Office of Court Administration? Is there any additional info you can give me? A specific dept, contact or number? If not, I will search, starting with, "NYS Office of Court Administration". Thanks again
  14. nycmoon

    I have to submit 5 REFERENCE LETTERS

    Thank you
  15. I have to submit 5 reference letters to the NYS board. What are these? Character witnesses statements? People speaking on my behalf as to my character? Anyone half experience or insight they can share with me? Thanks