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  1. Hi all, I applied for my PA license through endorsement on 4/1/2017. Unfortunately, at the time I did not realize I needed to send my school transcripts as well (first state license I've applied for via endorsement that has required them despite not being a new grad)-- I requested those on 4/27 putting me even further behind . I did call the BON last week, they told me it would be about 10 business days from the time they receive the transcripts before they review the application due to high demand. I got impatient and applied for a TPP. Does anyone know whether major hospitals will look at your job application if you only have a PA TPP?
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    Penn FNP 2017

    Hi all! I was hoping to connect with any other Adult-Gero Primary Care NP Fall 2017 students that are Penn bound, anyone out there? i figured I'd share some info while I was here to help everyone out- I was referred to this post by RNinthecity. I was in a similar position for the part-time AGPCNP program and definitely found these post reassuring while I waited for a response from the admission committee-- especially since much of my living situation depended on my admittance. I finally heard back with a decision last Friday and was (thankfully) accepted. I figured I'd share my timeline- I began my application in February, had my letters of recommendation in by the first week of March, and had submitted my completed application by the last week of March. I was initially told a decision would be made by the end of June, but came in earlier. As some of you mentioned the FT FNP program for Fall 2017 start is full. So I can imagine they are sorting through the accepted fulll-time FNP students for different start dates as well as adding PT students to the mix. Stay positive! As hard as it is to wait, it also means everyone is still being considered :)
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    2017 UPENN MSN Applicants

    Hi RNinthecity! Did you apply for FT for the FNP program? When I went to the open house, they had said they had filled the FT Fall 2017 cohort, but were still accepting PT students. I believe if you applied for FT and are accepted, they may give a later start date (like January 2018, but I'm not 100% sure). I applied to UPenn because I wanted to be able to obtain my MSN prior to DNP, similar to you. I can always continue to get my DNP at a later time and spread out the debt I am about to accumulate . It sounds like UPenn isn't far from extending some of their programs into DNP similar to what they did with the Nurse Anesthetist program. PS I did receive my letter of acceptance. Very excited! I do have to say not to give up hope. It seems that they do not have a pattern for sending out decisions. If you haven't heard anything back yet, it still means you're in the running :)
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    UPenn MSN 2016

    Hi ACBWS, I notice this is an old post from last year, but I am hoping you can help me out. I applied to the PT Adult-Gero Primary Care NP program at Penn this year and was wondering when you heard back with a decision?
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    2017 UPENN MSN Applicants

    Congratulations! I'm still waiting for a response. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed!
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    2017 UPENN MSN Applicants

    At the Open House last month, they said we would find out electronically-- not sure whether that means we have to log in into the application system, or if they send out an e-mail similar to when the application goes through to the review process. As far as interviews goes, I think it's on a rolling basis based on open spots, but I could be wrong.
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    2017 UPENN MSN Applicants

    Hi everyone! I sent in my application in for the AGPCNP MSN program part-time at the end of March. My application has been moved to "Ready for Review", in the e-mail it said a decision should be made by late June. It's tough knowing a time line with rolling admission :\
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    DHMC Perioperative Nurse Residency

    hello! Has anyone completed the perioperative nurse residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock? Did you feel like it was the right choice to gain experience in the OR? I have 18 months nursing experience and have been looking to go into the OR. Not sure if that disqualifies me from the applicant pool, but I'm going to try anyways! Would love feedback on the program.
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    Getting your foot into the OR

    Hi all! I've been very interested in transferring to the OR from a tele floor with hope of one day becoming part of the cardiac OR. I was wondering how many of you got the opportunity to train in the OR? Many places around me (New England area) seem to require one year of OR nursing. My current hospital is willing to train a current employee, offered for me to shadow to see if this was truly a good fit for me (HR is completely failing on setting that up, it's been 6 weeks now). Right now I'm just debating whether I am willing to move closer to my current hospital for at least a year to gain that experience( rent is at least 1200/month, smaller hospital, no one I hang out with in the area...)
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    Getting your foot into the OR

    Thanks Daniel, I did my research and found a program in New Hampshire at Dartmouth Hitchcock. It seems the only take people with less than a year experience but I will try to contact a nurse recruiter
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    Nursing in Boston

    After working as a telemetry for a year and a half, I am ready to relocate to Boston. Upon graduation, I knew it be a very slim chance of being hired as a new grad so I waited to gain experience at another more local hospital....now I feel like I am ready to take my chances. I was wondering if anyone had tips when applying to different major hospitals in the city? I feel like my telemetry experience gives me a leg up, but not sure if I should be looking at specific hospitals and positions to increase my chances of getting my foot in the door. I saw some hospitals consider clinical nurse I as 0-1 years experience and clinical II as 1-3 years, not sure if I should consider myself as a clinical nurse II with 18 months experience. Also, I was curious if anyone could share with me what the nurse to patient ratio is in the ICU vs a regular floor nurse (intermediate step down-unit).
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    Getting your foot into the OR

    Hello everyone, Update: pretty sure HR At my current hospital dropped the ball to let me shadow [emoji58] what else is new. I did apply to an OR position at my current place. I heard the morale isn't too hot down there and that's why people have come and gone quickly. I'm also questioning how much orientation id be getting....and experience since we're a smaller community hospital. ( my ultimate goal is cardiac OR) As far as perioperative internships, there are none in my area right now (NewEngland) that I could find. Many hospitals are seeking experienced OR nurses.
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    Nursing in Boston

    Yes I agree. My original plan after working a couple years was buying a home since rent seems more like throwing money out the window. I thought about commuting into the city to stick to my plan but I'm concerned with traffic on the highway and MBTA sometimes has a lot of issues. So I figure staying in the city would be best.
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    Nursing in Boston

    KelRN215, do you normally go through a real estate agent or through websites to find apartments in the city?
  15. Hi everyone! Planning on relocating to Boston, managed to get interviews for full time flex positions. I was wondering if anyone's worked a variable/flex position where the hospital can decrease your hours up to 12 hours. Does this happen often? Just concerned taking a job not knowing if I may be working 24 hours instead of 36! Especially with rent in the city [emoji15]
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    Telling your current manager....

    Hi everyone, So I have a big job interview tomorrow, yay! As this day got closer I still haven't told my current nurse manager about the interview for the following reasons: 1. I don't want to tell her unless I am certain of getting a job offer (why upset her if I don't have to?) 2. I'm also interested in possibly going to the OR at my current hospital ( only place it seems possible to go to the OR without experience and get trained)-- so I don't want her to be confused with what i want. I didn't expect to get an interview at one of my dream hospitals so quickly. So I thought I'd have time to shadow in the OR at my current place to see if the OR is really what I want to do (HR failed on their part to see this through)-- I want to be 100% sure the OR is what I want because I would have to sacrifice another year at my hospital. I do want to add I have a good relationship with my manager. The interview I have is tomorrow. On the application they did not ask for references (I'm bringing a list with 3 references just in case). Chances are if the interview goes well, they will call my manager ( that's the vibe I got from going brought other posts). Should I let her know after my interview tomorrow if it goes well? Hope they don't call her? Tell her today? So many blurred lines here!!! If you could share your experiences changing jobs and telling your managers, I'd love the insight
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    Torn, should I chance it?

    Hello everyone! I was looking for some input. I have recently been applying to large hospital in a major city. I was lucky enough to be contacted for an ambulatory care job by an HR recruiter to speak about my credentials. I gave her a variety of times I'd be available a couple days ago but she has not responded/called me. The same day I got contacted, I was about to apply to other jobs at the same facility, but on the inpatient units. I decided to hold off because they had just contacted me for the primary care practice job. After a few days of thinking, I feel that the inpatient units would be better for me at this point in my career. I am really tempted to apply to other positions at the same facility but I do not want to offend HR if it happens to be the same recruiter that reached out to me, or ruin my chances of having the primary care job....but at the same token would like to keep all possibilities open Should I be more patient, or take my chances at the other positions and hope it's not the same HR person for primary care as in patient services?
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    Torn, should I chance it?

    Thank you for your input everyone. The HR recruiter never emailed me back. My guess is they found someone with primary care experience which I didn't have (blessing in disguise? I was starting to feel like it was too soon to end my hospital career). I did continue to apply to other positions they had, and was sent a lengthy surgery for another position. Fingers crossed!!
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    Nursing in Boston

    I got an interview for full time. I'm leaning towards moving into the city rather than commuting. I'm going to start looking around to see which neighborhoods would be easiest and not ridiculously expensive
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    TB question

    Hi Chana! I was born in Europe and faced a similar issue these past few years. My PPD results became more red and raised every time I got a PPD implant because of the BCG (TB) vaccine I received when I was 5. When I started nursing school, because of the PPD reading positive, I had to get an X-ray to confirm it was negative and would have to do so every year. Now that I work in the hospital setting and occasionally have to be tested for TB because of patient contact. But there's good news for us! There is an alternative to the XRay and PPD to prove you are immune and not infected with TB---- the Quantiferon gold test! This is the gold standard now and usually is used for people who have received the BCG. It is expensive, so I'm not sure if your insurance would cover it but they may because of your unique background.
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    Nursing in Boston

    Thanks Nutella I didn't realize how tight parking is, I've been at Boston children's for clinical a and they had a parking agreement with Simmons college. Hopefully the T doesn't stop again because of snow like last year [emoji12]
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    MA School Nurse requirements

    Hello all! I graduated last May from nursing school and have been working on a telemetry unit since August as an RN and as a CNA prior to that. My senior year of nursing school was concentrated on pediatrics- I did my peds and leadership clinical at Boston Childrens and fulfilled my community hours at a local middle school. Needless to say, I fell in love with the possibility of working with children. This fall I decided to volunteer at local school flu clinics and was reminded at how much I loved working in the school setting. I am now looking to go into school nursing- first as a substitute school nurse to make sure it is the right fit for me. I have been looking at different school nurse job postings for MA as well as RI to get an idea of what employers are looking for when hiring a school nurse. I have noticed some require you to have a "DESE licensure of school nursing" while others do not specify that in their requirements. I tried to do my research on the MSNO website to figure out whether it is required to obtain the certification prior to being hired into the school nurse role..... can anyone tell me, based on their knowledge, the requirements needed to become a school nurse in the state of Massachusetts? Thanks so much!!
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    URI BSN senior wondering about job market for new grads in RI

    Hi Alyssa Jessica, Sorry this is such a late response! I graduated last May from URI.... the job market in medsurg has been a roller coaster the past year. I was hired relatively quickly into a tele/medsurg RN position after working at that hospital for over a year as a CNA. Some hospital such as Saint Anne's in Fall River were hiring new grads before graduation, while the lifespan hospitals hired RNs in the summer and even a larger group late in the fall during a great "hiring fair". My advice is to continue gaining CNA experience, even consider applying to CNA positions in hospitals, that will look great on your resume. During your last semester, build connections with hospital staff you meet during clinical rotations- you might be able to use them as a reference when applying to jobs. Last but not least, it is never too early to start looking at jobs now. Many teaching hospitals hire new graduates prior to graduation such as Baystate medical center in springfield massachusetts. Hope that helps!