Telling your current manager....


Hi everyone,

So I have a big job interview tomorrow, yay!

As this day got closer I still haven't told my current nurse manager about the interview for the following reasons:

1. I don't want to tell her unless I am certain of getting a job offer (why upset her if I don't have to?)

2. I'm also interested in possibly going to the OR at my current hospital ( only place it seems possible to go to the OR without experience and get trained)-- so I don't want her to be confused with what i want.

I didn't expect to get an interview at one of my dream hospitals so quickly. So I thought I'd have time to shadow in the OR at my current place to see if the OR is really what I want to do (HR failed on their part to see this through)-- I want to be 100% sure the OR is what I want because I would have to sacrifice another year at my hospital.

I do want to add I have a good relationship with my manager.

The interview I have is tomorrow. On the application they did not ask for references (I'm bringing a list with 3 references just in case). Chances are if the interview goes well, they will call my manager ( that's the vibe I got from going brought other posts).

Should I let her know after my interview tomorrow if it goes well? Hope they don't call her? Tell her today?

So many blurred lines here!!! If you could share your experiences changing jobs and telling your managers, I'd love the insight