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  1. I work day shift in ER, 3 days a week 12 hr shifts. I don't work more than 2 days in a row. While the job itself is tough, I physically feel alright while at work. I wear compression stockings to ease pain to my feet, and I drink max of 2 cups of coffee throughout the day. I come home from work, take a shower, and thats when the fatigue starts setting in. The weird part is that I can't fall asleep. I can be physically exhausted but I can't sleep until 2-3 AM. The next day I wake up at around 10-11am and I'm exhausted all throughout the day. I can barely get myself up to eat, not to mention to do any house chores. The next day off, same thing. I'm so exhausted on my days off, just physically drained. Just wondering if anyone else who works 3 12's feels like this? I was thinking maybe it's the adrenaline, my body gets so tired the first few days that I dont have the energy to get through the rest of the week? Could that even be possible? My husband doesn't get it, he thinks I'm just being lazy :( But I really physically feel like a very old lady. I just want to hear your thoughts if you had this type of experience and if you did, how do you deal with it? PS: Im 26 y.o, no medical conditions.