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FNPStudentLife is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER nurse, FNP student.

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  1. I know what you might think, why did I start FNP if I don't like contact with patients. The thing is, I didn't feel this way before I started the program. I've been an RN for 3 years, I started FNP because I wanted to get out of bedside. Demanding and understaffed work environment was getting the best of my mental and physical health. I thought it would be different in outpatient setting, since I'd be getting more respect and independence. I did a thorough research about what I'd be doing as an FNP before starting the program, and it seemed really nice, way better than bedside. However, I didn't really know what primary care really was before I started my clinicals. And now I have 4 months before graduating, and I'm realizing that's not really what I want to do. I just can't deal with people. I can't stand when they think that there's a magic pill to fix everything when they don't bother changing their eating habits or adding exercise regimen. Or when they come into the office not knowing what medical conditions they have or what medications they take. It may not be a big deal to many healthcare professionals, but I just cant imagine dealing with this for the rest of my life. Maybe I'm just burned out. I don't know. So, what can I do with my MSN FNP degree that doesn't require much patient contact?
  2. I work day shift in ER, 3 days a week 12 hr shifts. I don't work more than 2 days in a row. While the job itself is tough, I physically feel alright while at work. I wear compression stockings to ease pain to my feet, and I drink max of 2 cups of coffee throughout the day. I come home from work, take a shower, and thats when the fatigue starts setting in. The weird part is that I can't fall asleep. I can be physically exhausted but I can't sleep until 2-3 AM. The next day I wake up at around 10-11am and I'm exhausted all throughout the day. I can barely get myself up to eat, not to mention to do any house chores. The next day off, same thing. I'm so exhausted on my days off, just physically drained. Just wondering if anyone else who works 3 12's feels like this? I was thinking maybe it's the adrenaline, my body gets so tired the first few days that I dont have the energy to get through the rest of the week? Could that even be possible? My husband doesn't get it, he thinks I'm just being lazy :( But I really physically feel like a very old lady. I just want to hear your thoughts if you had this type of experience and if you did, how do you deal with it? PS: Im 26 y.o, no medical conditions.
  3. FNPStudentLife

    What was the cost of your Family Nurse Practitioner Program?

    I am actually considering Chamberlain, but it says $33,600 for the total tuition on https://www.chamberlain.edu/docs/default-source/financial-aid/tuition-and-fees-total-cost-calculations_july_2016.pdf?sfvrsn=2
  4. FNPStudentLife

    Does this Family Nurse Practitioner program sounds shady?

    My thoughts too. I wrote email to them that I want to withdraw my application. I bet they will explode my phone tomorrow trying to change my mind haha
  5. FNPStudentLife

    Does this Family Nurse Practitioner program sounds shady?

    You are right. I calculated everything, and I would be in $70k debt after I'm done. And I researched other schools, they are way less expensive. The only thing that was so attractive to me about Keiser, is that the program starts in Jan, while it's too late to apply for Spring semester in other universities. But after I thought about it, I'd rather wait a few months and pay $20-$30k than follow my emotions of excitement and start right away and pay $70k at the end. I just want to be FNP so bad, I want to start as soon as possible... But it's a decision that will effect the next 5-10 years of my life (paying off loans). Also, given my information, in your opinion, how good are my chances to be accepted into other programs?
  6. I want to apply to different schools, so I'm just trying to see what is the average price for FNP online programs. Thanks!
  7. Hello all! Before I begin, here's some information about myself: -I got my first RN job in 12/16, in Home Care Agency. -On 7/17 I got a full time job in a hospital. So I have almost 1 year of experience as RN, but only 4 months bedside experience -GPA: 3.08 I need an advice. I applied to this FNP program and the way they sound doesn't feel right. Or maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just not used to this, after all I've never applied to grad schools before. Which is why I need your opinion on this. Anyway. In the beginning of November I came to conclusion that I want to further pursue my education and become FNP. I researched colleges that are relatively close to me, I came up with maybe 6 or 7 that interest me. That night I started application on just one of them, Keiser University. I saved the application and decided to finish later. I researched the university, their accreditations are legit, and I didn't find any bad reviews. The very next day, admissions counselor from called me, and said he will guide me through the application process, and explain what documents they need. He also said they still accept applications for Spring 2018 semester, which I thought was awesome. Long story short, I wasn't home so I said I'll call them back in 20 minutes. In exactly 20 minutes, he calls me back again. This was the first part that surprised me. Since that day, I've been in touch with them every other day (via phone or emails), and I just feel like they are pushy. Since when do colleges chase you to apply to their program? When I was applying to undergrad, I did everything by myself, I had to chase them, not the other way around. I finished my application on 11/13, and since that day I called them maybe just one time. They are the ones who have been calling me to check when my Letter of Recommendation will be ready or if I'm ready to sign Masters Promissory Note(sign MPN when I don't even know if I'm accepted yet? Is this normal?). I had interview with them over the phone, we talked for good 30 minutes, and then I was told that I'm accepted. It's been almost 2 weeks since that phone interview, and I never received an acceptance letter by mail. When I asked them if I'm going to receive the letter, they wrote a long email "Dear (first name), (last name), I would like to congratulate you on being accepted to FNP etc etc". Is this weird? Please, I just need your opinion on this. I've heard so many stories where people had hard times getting into NP schools, and here I am, with 3.07 GPA (I didn't take GRE) and almost 1 year of experience (4 months bedside), got accepted without any effort. Is this normal? Maybe they just want my money? The program is 56 credits, and fully covered by loans, they said I'll be done during summer 2020. I know that it'd be ideal to apply to other programs too, and then pick the best one. But because I have two jobs, I barely have any free time. I spend all of the free time that I have left on Keiser, sending documents, filing out forms etc. I don't want to miss out on this opportunity, but at the same time I'm surprised that they are so involved with their students
  8. FNPStudentLife

    New RN, and hate nursing already

    I probably didn't word it correctly, I don't have many patients who yell for trying to give meds or draw blood. There are currently 2 patients like that on the floor. They've been with us for a while now because they're homeless, and they've got nowhere to go, no shelter wants them. I get one of them almost every time I work, he requests me because I'm on time with pain meds (I don't want any trouble from that guy, so I work my day around and try my best to be on time with his Q3 pain med). Staff is happy to go with his request because no one wants to be his nurse. It doesn't stop him from saying all the terrible things to me. And it's okay if i got pts like that once in a while, that's fine, I can handle that. But every other time I work. On days that I don't have him, coworkers will ask me to help them out with him like "can you give med to this guy please?". And I go in, and I deal with him. The reason I don't ask for help is because my coworkers are busy, and won't go to the room right away, they'll go in 10-15mins whenever they're available. And who pt will be calling complaining and yelling that the nurse is late with his care(pain med primarily)? Me! So it's faster to do things by myself. So that's the story with that. I do get good amount of good patients as well, but this one just sucks all the positivity, self esteem and work enthusiasm out of me
  9. FNPStudentLife

    New RN, and hate nursing already

    Nursing is nothing like what they taught us in school. After graduating and passing NCLEX, it was very difficult for me to find a job in a hospital right away, because everyone wanted golden 1 year of med surg. And I needed to pay bills. So my first job was in pediatric home care agency. It was scary at first, because I have 0 experience, and I'll be 1 on 1 with a pt right away. But they knew that, so I thought they'd start me off with an easy stable pt at first, and later give me more difficult pts. Which makes sense, right, why would they assign someone who has 0 experience with unstable difficult pt? Well, that's what they did. My first pt had a cerebral palsy, unstable, moaning and screaming from the top of his lungs (literally), most of the day, everyday. Sometimes because he needed gtube vented, sometimes for attention. And since I was new, I constantly had a thought that it was something that I did. Not to mention that pt was big, and family didn't have a Hoyer lift, so they wanted me to help them lift him up manually to transfer to bathchair, wheelchair or bed. When was asked why they don't have a Hoyer lift, family said "I know, but it takes too much space, and it's just faster this way". It was the most emotionally exhausting experience I've ever had in my life. I had this pt 4 days a week 12-8. And they paid me $17/hour for this!!! Once in blue moon they gave me a pt who is super easy, stable, and it felt more like babysitting. So I knew that not every patient is as difficult and unstable as mine. It made me so pissed off and disappointed that they gave a new grad with 0 experience difficult patient that nobody else wanted. And I didn't want to tell them to switch me because I didn't want to seem incompetent, like I can't handle the job. I wanted to make a good impression. Anyway, after working with this pt for 4 months, I was able to find a job in a hospital on med surg unit. I knew that it would be difficult because I still need to learn how to organize myself, time management and prioritization, which comes with experience. But I never thought it would be what it is. First of all, I feel like my job is about completing tasks rather than about patient care. Completing tasks (documentation), maid services, and passing meds. I feel like that's all that there is. We get a lot of homeless pts who get dilaudad like candy. And god forbid you are 1 minute late with your pain med. We also get a lot of patients who are verbally abusive, manipulative, pts who yell, and threat to sue the hospital because I was 5 minutes late with dilaudad. And management knows about everything, and defends the pt. They said "call code grey if someone is cussing you out". Really? You want me to call code grey everytime I walk into some pts room? Because some pts cuss me out everytime I enter the room to give meds to check blood sugar. Management does nothing to defend us and kisses pts ass instead. They just don't care. I feel like a blue collar worker, a working ant, who is unappreciated and always yelled at. Everything is always our fault. What happened to nursing being a highly respected profession? Labs not done because pt didn't want to get stuck and refused? Nurses fault, we get yelled by doctors for that. Pt refused medication? Get yelled by doctors for that too. Nurses give such crappy reports from previous shifts, and don't do half of the things they're supposed to do, leaving it on my shift. But god forbid I don't mention the smallest details on my report or forget to do something during my shift. "You were supposed to get that done", "oh pt came in 15 minutes before shift change and you didn't attempt to get an IV in? What? Why not??". Ugh. Did anyone ever had a similar experience? Is this ever going to get better? I have strong thoughts about quitting nursing all together, but I don't know what else id do. I love helping people, as long as they don't manipulate and verbally abuse me. I didn't go to 4 year college to be verbally abused. I'm so lost right now. I just know for sure I don't want to be working like this and feel like this for the rest of my life
  10. Hello all! I currently have RN, BSN, and I want to further pursue my career in nursing, become FNP and one day open my own office start practicing on my own. However, the more research I do, the more confused I get. All these titles and certifications! ugh, so confusing. I have a couple of questions: 1) Whats the difference between MSN -FNP and DNP -FNP? Wouldn't DNP-FNP be doing the same job as MSN-FNP? What are the advantages of DNP's over MSN's? 2) What's the difference between Primacy Care FNP and regular FNP? Is "primacy care" some type of a certification that I would earn when I'm done with my degree? Or is there an exam that I'd have to pass to get that? Or is "primacy care" supposed to be part of the program that I'll be going to? How does this work? 3) At the end when I'm done with my degree (MSN- FNP), what exam would I have to take in order to practice? Would I be considered ARNP, FNP since FNP is a type of ARNP? Thanks in advance
  11. Thank you so much for your words, and thank you for being so understanding. Your reply definitely took some of my anxiety away :)
  12. Hello all! I need some advice, I simply don't know who else to turn to, besides you, my dear nurses:( Please no judgements, I'm still new to nursing and the whole adulting thing. I'll try to make this as short and to the point as possible. I passed NCLEX in October '16 and started working in a home care agency in December '16. My logic behind that was that maybe while working there I can still search for a job in a hospital, I couldn't just sit and do nothing, I still had to pay my bills. They paid me $17/hr for my RN with BSN I guess because I was a new grad, but that was enough to make a living. Luckily enough, I got a job offer in a hospital in March '17! Ofcouse I accepted it, I was so happy that my life has finally took turn for the best. Around that time period I also found out about another home care agency that paid $20/hr. I thought to myself, maybe I can work in a hospital 3 days a week (that's what they offered), and work in Home Care the other 2 days. This way I'd be busy and productive, gaining lots of experience and make more money. So that's when I quit my first Home Care job and applied for the second one. I got hired immediately, they wanted me to work right away, however I told them I don't know my availability yet because I'll be working in a hospital and still have to go through all of that orientation. So I left that on hold. Meanwhile I was going through orientation in a hospital. When I was already on the floor, I had to take extra classes during first few weeks, while during other weeks other things came up (my boyfriends car broke down and we only had 1 car in a household, then our cat got sick). So I figured that maybe I'll just stick to the hospital job and leave home care behind. It felt like one job was already enough at this time. 6 weeks into orientation in a hospital, my employment was terminated When I asked them for a reason so I wouldn't make the same mistakes in the future, the only thing they said was "you didn't meet the requirements within the first 90 days". When I asked if there was anything specific, they said "this is just in general", and that's it. They didn't give me any other answers. I don't think it was a med error, I was never late, yeah it was tough but I felt like I was doing okay, I thought I'd get through it. But anyway, even though I'm still grieving, I need to pull myself up and figure out what I'm going to do next. So I called that second Home Care agency today, and they said they're happy to find an assignment for me. They said they will give me a call on Monday. But meanwhile it's only Friday, I can't just sit and do nothing. My number one worry is what is they never find an assignment, or what if they'll keep forgetting, I don't want to be too needy and call them everyday all of a sudden. After all, they hired me in March, and it's now May. So I want to apply to other hospitals as I wait, because my goal is to get few years of hospital experience and go for Family NP eventually. Just because it didn't work out with one hospital, doesn't mean I should give up, right :)? I will keep on trying. I can't imagine doing anything else besides nursing. So now I need some advice on what I should put on my resume. I decided not to put this hospital job on there, because it's only been 6 weeks and it's just going to raise extra questions. So right now I came up with 2 options: Option 1 "December '16 - March '17: Home care job #1, reason for leaving: had to travel". Yeah, maybe I left my job so I could go back to Germany to take care of my sick grandma who raised me, and now that I'm back, I'm ready to work again, but the position at my old job was closed so I'm looking for a new job Option 2 "December '16 - March '17: Home care job #1 reason for leaving: reduced hours (which was actually true) March '17 - Now: Home care job #2 (technically I am employed there since march)" Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that even if they decide to call my current/past employer, the only information that they'll be able to get are my employment dates and whether or not I'm still working there. Employers are not allowed to disclose any information besides that So this is my situation. I would really appreciate your thoughts, advice, and any help that I can get with my resume if there are any other options that I didn't think of, I'm opened to ideas. Thanks guys!
  13. FNPStudentLife

    Nurse manager scheduled a meeting with me and Human Recourses?

    They terminated my employment
  14. I'm a new grad nurse resident, I've been on orientation for almost 2 months now, still have about 1 month before I'm on my own. Today I received a phone call from my nurse manager, who told me instead of coming for orientation tomorrow I should go to Human Recourses office to meet up with her there. She didn't say what it was about. She just said "I have to discuss few things with you". But why can't she discuss them with me in her office, why does human Recourses office needs to be involved? I'm freaking out so bad right now, i don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. I mean, if she just wanted to know how things were going with me and how I'm progressing, she'd just ask me to speak with her in her office, right? Could they fire me because they see me as a bad fit for whatever reason? I signed a contract for 2 years as part of my residency program, and it's only been 2 months. I don't think I'm doing terribly, yeah I'm struggling, but so does every new grad on their first nursing job. Plus this is a Med surg floor. I guess I just needed to vent, maybe some of you can relate to situation like this, or have any idea what could it be
  15. Yes, I took the job. I did a lot of research online, and PSA Healthcare sounds legit. I decided to give it a try because it's better than staying home, plus I still never got any responses from other job applications. I have orientation on Thursday and once I'll be in the system, I'll be able to work. It is so difficult to find a nursing job these days without any experience, good luck to you!

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