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  1. Jjpount862

    Kratom and TPAPN

    Anyone know if TX TPAPN routinely checks for Kratom? Can’t find much current data. I know Quest does have a test for it but wondering if it’s included in any of the options. Thanks
  2. Jjpount862

    Hawaii Contract

    Excellent observation, one that I have not thought about at all. That would definitely change my approach to this situation. Thank you for your comment.
  3. Jjpount862

    Hawaii Contract

    I am looking at a few contracts in HI for my next job, but in the job description it reads an ominous disclaimer. You may float between various medical and surgical units; will be required to work various shift lengths and various days.” To those of you who have been doing this for a while, how would you interpret this? Do you think its just a catch-all disclaimer so no one can say no without breaking their contractual agreement? I have never been to HI before and am bringing my wife and 4m old. Currently my wife and child live at a home we bought in Dallas while I stay in Houston finishing up a contract. The plan is to rent my home in Dallas out while we are away in HI. All furnished in a nice neighborhood in the city. Hoping this all works out! Thank you for reading.
  4. Jjpount862

    Traveling with less than 2 years

    Hey vnguyen3, BSN[COLOR=#666666], I am yet to be able to send private message, so pardon the publicity. I am in Houston, tx. Considering going to a northern state next. What did you end up doing?[/COLOR]
  5. Jjpount862

    Traveling with less than 2 years

    I echo with that of Soliloquy. I am amidst my first contract in TX, with 13m prior experience. I know when to ask questions and how to walk with confidence. I learned quickly my key contact persons and resources available.
  6. Jjpount862


    I see that in the past this question has been asked, but years have passed since then. Can anyone give me a current update on a)does the army recruit ADNs and b)what are some differences between civilian sector nursing and army nursing. Thank you in advance for the assistance, I am interested in going into military nursing but do not want to wait to complete my BSN.
  7. Jjpount862

    What is a day in the life of an Orthopedic Nurse?

    Pain is a big issue. In fact, they call my floor the "floor of pain". I currently work on a ortho/neuro/trauma unit. We see lots (lots) of geriatric hip fx. Lots of s/p mvc pts. My unit is spine cert. as well. You will learn how to spint and cast, and work with pt/ot. There is always someone who needs pain medicine/bedpan assistance. Most of your pts have mobility issues, so skin is a big topic. I love it though, it is a very interesting field.
  8. Jjpount862

    Flight Nurse Advice

    Thank you to all who responded. Since the original post I have graduated, passed NCLEX, and began my career as a new RN. Your advice will be used and greatly appreciated.

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