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  1. Kratom and TPAPN

    Anyone know if TX TPAPN routinely checks for Kratom? Can’t find much current data. I know Quest does have a test for it but wondering if it’s included in any of the options. Thanks
  2. “No-result”

    Thanks for the replies; the specimen was processing and displayed negative after a few days. Now I know!
  3. “No-result”

    Recent option 4 UDS results as follows in Affinity. Collection Completed No-Result (TPAPN) I haven’t seen this before and yes I know I shouldn’t be checking if I am clean but I do fear false positives, lab errors etc.. Just curious if anyone has seen...
  4. EMR Conversion In Bellingham, Wa

    I see. I half expected as such. Thanks for the response
  5. First assignment, Dallas, tx, psych

    As a nurse from Dallas, I can tell you that you will want to find your own means of transportation rather soon. As a large bustling city, Dallas' public transportation can be a bit.. volatile. Don't get a horse though, Stemmons Freeway isn't set u...
  6. EMR Conversion In Bellingham, Wa

    I just accepted a position at St Josephs in Bellingham, wa for an EMR conversion (paper to EPIC). Any of you currently or soon-to-be working this hospital? I have yet to be blessed with working paper charting, so this might be rather tumultuous. Per ...
  7. New to travel nursing

    I am amidst a contract in NoDak while renting my house out in Dallas. I followed the advice from the community here and from PanTravelers .org and did as Ned explained above. Within the rental agreement there is a clause devoted to the reservation of...
  8. Hawaii Contract

    Excellent observation, one that I have not thought about at all. That would definitely change my approach to this situation. Thank you for your comment.
  9. Hawaii Contract

    I am looking at a few contracts in HI for my next job, but in the job description it reads an ominous disclaimer. You may float between various medical and surgical units; will be required to work various shift lengths and various days.” To those...
  10. Traveling with less than 2 years

    Hey vnguyen3, BSN[COLOR=#666666], I am yet to be able to send private message, so pardon the publicity. I am in Houston, tx. Considering going to a northern state next. What did you end up doing?[/COLOR]
  11. Traveling with less than 2 years

    I echo with that of Soliloquy. I am amidst my first contract in TX, with 13m prior experience. I know when to ask questions and how to walk with confidence. I learned quickly my key contact persons and resources available.
  12. Mainland Medical Center; Texas City, TX

    This is my first assignment and I am very nervous. I have so far only read terrible things about Mainland Medical Center. The pay is not the best but I am willing to take the cut to avoid Houston traffic. I will be staying with family 10 minutes from...
  13. ADN+ARMY

    I see that in the past this question has been asked, but years have passed since then. Can anyone give me a current update on a)does the army recruit ADNs and b)what are some differences between civilian sector nursing and army nursing. Thank you in ...
  14. What is a day in the life of an Orthopedic Nurse?

    Pain is a big issue. In fact, they call my floor the "floor of pain". I currently work on a ortho/neuro/trauma unit. We see lots (lots) of geriatric hip fx. Lots of s/p mvc pts. My unit is spine cert. as well. You will learn how to spint and cast, an...
  15. Flight Nurse Advice

    Thank you to all who responded. Since the original post I have graduated, passed NCLEX, and began my career as a new RN. Your advice will be used and greatly appreciated.