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Kratom and TPAPN


Anyone know if TX TPAPN routinely checks for Kratom? Can’t find much current data. I know Quest does have a test for it but wondering if it’s included in any of the options. Thanks

Don't do it. I know you just want a yes or no, but I think you should also ask yourself why you want to take Kratom? If you are taking any substance (besides something like caffeine) when it's not being prescribed to you by a Dr., red flags should be going up. That part of yourself that got you into monitoring has not been helpful to you thus far so why listen to what it wants you to do now?

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Plus Kratom is a pretty dangerous drug which is not in least way like marijuana. I have seen some very sick people in the psych setting who were using Kratom.

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There have been times in my recovery, especially early on, that I thought about what I could do to alter my mood (like alcohol did). And I would be lying if I said I don't have fleeting thoughts even now. What saves me is I "play the tape forward" and think the consequences that will follow if I act on thoughts of relapse.

It's one of those tests that have to be ordered specifically, it's not on the routine panels, so I think the only way they would do it is if they suspected a nurse was taking that drug for some reason. I have read about physicians being tested for a long list of drugs, that included kratom, but I don't think its tested for very often. In my state, I made close friends in the program over time, that I became comfortable discussing things like this with, but the culture's sort of wierd, if you just come out and ask about specific panels and stuff like that, usually you'll get the sort of answers that you see above me in this thread. Good luck.

I don't think anybody could be completely certain and even if somebody here professed to be positive with a yes or no answer, would you trust their information with your license?

Don't do it. There is a reason people are writing the sort of answers they are above instead of just cutting to the chase. Check out a SMART Recovery meeting online: smartrecovery.org

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