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  1. reported to board

    No I am working in Dialysis. I could work in hospital at this point, but no real desire. I am in the South on the East Coast. Would prefer not to reveal exact state.
  2. + TPAPN Experience

    I would ask your case manager about the testing but I usually get around 3 a month here in my state. If you get one on a day you have to work, don’t know what to say other than you have to go to a patient first or med express something like that and...
  3. Trapped

    I’m confused what the F means?
  4. How did I get here?!

    Not sure, but I know my addictionologist has always been on my side and my biggest cheerleader. She would never do anything that would hurt me professionally.
  5. How did I get here?!

    My employer said the same and they held up their end of the bargain. I got my short term disability and cashed out my PTO. On top of that, they put me on a medical leave of absence and they payed for my treatment. I was blessed too! Do NOT take i...
  6. How did I get here?!

    Oh and just a suggestion. If you can get in with a substance abuse doctor in the meantime and NOT wait until you are ordered by the board or IPN, that would bode well for you. It would show that you are taking it seriously and that Dr. could also s...
  7. How did I get here?!

    Definitely second not mentioning past substance abuse with evaluator. Stick to the present time period. But do not lie. For example, if they did do a hair test and you have smoked weed in the last 3 months, then your credibility will look bad if y...
  8. How did I get here?!

    Hey! Everything is going to be okay :). Just take it day by day, step by step, but so far your lawyer has given you great advice. As far as how honest, do not talk to anyone about your addiction unless your lawyer is present. It will be kind of c...
  9. VCU's accelerated program 2015

    Hey all, My fingers are crossed for all the people on the waitlist. I met with LaToya today and got a tour of the nursing building by Jaclyn - one of the ambassadors. It was super nice and everybody I met today was supportive and positive about the...
  10. Can't Shake Off Rude Patient

    Thank you Karou for sharing your story. It makes mine feel small compared to yours. I never really thought about the control issues she might be feeling - that would be hard for anyone let alone someone who has taken care of people their whole life...
  11. Can't Shake Off Rude Patient

    I didn't see all the other replies, thanks for all the advice. I like that... rolling off your back without penetrating. I will consider the source I understand a lot of these residents are going through a lot of personal issues but that would be e...
  12. Can't Shake Off Rude Patient

    Thanks, I appreciate your reply. I am the only male that takes care of her. You arr probably right, I just need to move on. I do hope to keep working with her and maybe she will learn to appreciate me like she does the others.
  13. Can't Shake Off Rude Patient

    Although I'm not yet an RN, I am working as a CNA to gain some experience before I start nursing school. I need some advice. I dealt with a patient yesterday and today that I can't seem to shake off. I overheard her mention to another resident tha...
  14. VCU's accelerated program 2015

    so sorry about that. that has to be the worst. i hope that won't let you stop from applying next year if you have the time. it's crazy to think only about one more month and decisions will be out! i've done pretty well at forgetting about it and p...
  15. Need Some Help/Need to Rant

    Also you worked part time? I have heard this is very difficult to do so kudos to you for bring such a go getter!!