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    Thank you for the answers. The only reason I disclosed this information was to prevent complications during my career. I was expecting a long term position and thought about the possibility of finger stick and testing and so forth, but I'm not clear on the process. I now know to keep it my business. I now look back on all the behavior directed towards me that prevented me from moving forward...I never want to be that difficult person. The one who has issues with the nursing director. I'm still a young adult (a child to my mother ������) learning to speak up for myself. And I recently told my mother why I quit. Thanks everybody


    So some time ago I was working as a nurse extern and of course on my paper work I revealed that I was HIV positive. I have been my whole life and I'm healthy meaning that I take my medication and do what I'm told. It not a big deal daily. I was told I might need to consider some other field other than bedside nursing cause I may be in danger during a code due to my status. Do to my status being a huge issue with my nursing director period I didn't follow into this or ask how. I'm still a student and I have zero idea about a code as I never been in one. How exactly would I be in danger??? At the time I was told a lot of things that was made to push me away after my status was revealed. I was no longer given the attention as some of the other externs. Being that it is a sensitive topic for me I let my Job go. Is it true that I could be in danger or my patient in danger during a code... or is that something being told to me??


    Hello everyone. It has been sometime since I been up here. I cannot enjoy my summer break due to studying for hours a day. First day back to classes is a little over a month away and I have studied every single day. I got pregnant in spring 2015. I was going into my senior year. Due to health complications I took a leave of absence from my program. At this time I also stop working my job as an extern because of my health. I go back to school in the spring of 2016 and I fail a class. I feel terrible and ashamed. I failed. Every since I had my baby I can barely remember my name. I struggled so bad its crazy. Couldn't even get through a simple math problem. But the good thing is I have not been kicked out and I am taking the class over. I have no idea how to feel. I never failed at anything. I quit my job without a two week notice any chance I could be hired back. I am still not sure how to adjust. Any advice would be helpful thanks everyone.

    Stubborn students

    I used to fake being sick due to being bullied. You may need to read more into her actions even though she is hanging on a nerve :)

    Nurse Extern

    I received a nurse extern position back in may. I feel I not done anything that a registered RN would do. I know I am not a registered RN, but I thought the position would help me get the feel of things along side my school clinical. To start my preceptor was a CNA. If its a nurse extern position I don't understand why my preceptor is a CNA. I have been trained in the capacity of a CNA. Please don't get me wrong. I know it is important to know the role and how they contribute in patient care, but that is all I have been doing, Giving baths, making beds, and bathroom runs. I am on the verge of quitting cause honestly I have not learn nothing that I could apply to school and clinical. What should I do I feel as if I am being used for a tech when that's not my official title. Someone please help me. It has gotten to the point I dread going to work.

    pregnant nursing student

    Thanks I get so wrapped up in school and work that I forget the physical things that come with birth...and it my first baby so yeah I'm not being logical

    pregnant nursing student

    So I have gotten a job as a student nurse at the hospital and I'm still in nursing school. Well about a week ago I found out I'm pregnant! Yay! My husband and I are very happy. But I'm not sure whether to push my baby out one day and come back the next considering everything goes ok. Also not sure how to tell my job since I have not even went to the first day yet due to school. They work with my school schedule. So any advice is appreciated. Thanks

    Starting Clinicals next week

    Do not worry!!! They are not gonna throw you on the unit and be like "you read it go do it". Take a pocket size notepad to write down important things and whatever you have a question about. We always do orientation on the first clinical, so we never get to see a patient (that sucks). Just be an active learner don't sit around acting uninterested (that means following a tech around if you have to). GL

    I need a pick me up

    Ok so I am a junior nursing student. I have attended a four year college so I have been in school what feel like forever, and there you have my problem...I am no longer motivated. I love nursing, always have every since high school, and if I quit I wouldn't know what else to do with my life. It seems like it is taking forever to graduate (the slowest four years of my life). I recently got married; I had been living with my partner for a few months before starting the nursing program with intentions to get married, so we did. Before we moved in together I had no income and he knew this, and now I'm to the point where I cannot find a decent job to work with my school schedule. So I have no money (he did not saying anything; I just like to have my own money sometimes) I'm just tired of being broke and having to study all the time. I want my life back lol. I have applied to a nurse extern job in hopes they would work with my schedule. I just feel like I'm dying (I am a drama queen) Any advice to make me realize this is so worth the wait.

    Is this my cohort?

    I always wore head phones, nothing would be playing, but it gave people a reason not to talk to me. I do not like to discuss test information or answers I chose after the test. So I put my head phones in and nobody talked to me. And like others are saying people who carry a lot of negativity do not seem to do well anyway and either don't get in or fail out. I had someone yell out in front of my class that the only reason I do so well is because I don't have a job (she did), but when I get home I am greeted by two little ones who needs my attention as well as a husband who needs companionship plus there are individuals in the program who work full 12 hr shifts at night and scored higher than anyone in the class. She failed out and is still going on about professors, her job, and family are in the way of her passing. It got so bad I stop talking to her before test because she always had a depressing story before which put me in a bad mood. Head phones work miracles


    Thanks. I will be looking in both of these suggestions. and We did have ATI be apparently HESI has replaced it and the seniors said it much better than ATI.(1st year my school used HESI) And sad part is my teachers dont know how to get the information on books and practice programs that come with it.


    I just got done with my first semester of nursing school. I passed!!!! Barely!!! I experience a whole lot of trouble in fundamentals and just test taking period. I want to know what books can help me understand critical thinking and application based questions. Which Nclex book have you used and passed? I also have to take HESI. What practice book should I get. I heard HESI has a pharmacology drug book?? I search online and cant seem to find anything. One more thing I take Med-Surg 1 so any book that would help me passed the class would be helpful and help with test taking. I cant afford to barely pass next semester. I would lose a few scholarships...so now that I have the confidence (I lost it earlier in the semester) I can do It I plan to hit a few home runs this semester. Also any online programs you used would be helpful also Thank you:yes:

    study tip

    I have no idea how to study it is just non stop reading. Its so much reading I don't have time to go back and review. I am a junior 1 so this is my first year in nursing school it is nothing like classes before this its just information handed to you in buckets full help me please. I have phram, fundies, nursing professionals, health assessment if that helps any thanks

    Haying a hard time

    My first day was yesterday and of course, we have a bunch of homework. I have signed up with prepU online to help me study which was highly recommended by the professor. I cant get the questions right! Book gives me very little information on the topic but the question will ask something that was not really covered in the chapter. Its hard and confusing any advice if you have used the system or any advice at all. Thanks :) and I must admit I'm not use to this kind of questions, so I'm struggling

    I'm not sure what I am feeling

    Thanks everone! My my class is fairly large but we do break off into smaller groups during labs. I go to a four year university and Have been with many of them for two years. But I don't know them personally. I think I am afraid to meet new people it feels like freshman year all over again. :)
  16. So I think I am experiencing some sort of anxiety. Tuesday will be my first day and I feel as if I am going to be judge and bullied by my professors and fellow classmates. I feel like this is going be high school all over again. I'm probably being unrealistic but I am hoping everyone is more adult like. What should I expect? :)