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I just got done with my first semester of nursing school. I passed!!!! Barely!!! I experience a whole lot of trouble in fundamentals and just test taking period. I want to know what books can help me understand critical thinking and application based questions. Which Nclex book have you used and passed? I also have to take HESI. What practice book should I get. I heard HESI has a pharmacology drug book?? I search online and cant seem to find anything. One more thing I take Med-Surg 1 so any book that would help me passed the class would be helpful and help with test taking.

I cant afford to barely pass next semester. I would lose a few scholarships...so now that I have the confidence (I lost it earlier in the semester) I can do It I plan to hit a few home runs this semester.

Also any online programs you used would be helpful also

Thank you:yes:


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Get the Davis Med-Surg success book. It is FANTASTIC and has great rationales for both wrong and right answers. It will really help with application and critical thinking. And its only like $30 on amazon.

Or you can get the davis's q&a for the nclex-rn examination that you can use thru out the nursing program. It comes with a cd with additional questions. I also use nclex-rn questions & answers made incredibly easy 6 edition. How I study: say the respiratory chapter will be covered in class this week. I begin by studying the respiratory chapter from Saunders nclex review book. Then I tackle all the questions from incredibly easy, typing all rationales. I do all this before class. Then during lecture I find the instructor touches on almost everything the incredibly easy book asked. After lecture I work on respiratory questions from the davis's book, continuing to type the rationales. When done I study and re-study the rationales for the rest of the week until exam time. I've done well thus far just doing this, so I believe with you that you can hit those home runs if you put mind and effort into it. We do ATI at my school so can't help with Hesi. All the best :)




Thanks. I will be looking in both of these suggestions. and We did have ATI be apparently HESI has replaced it and the seniors said it much better than ATI.(1st year my school used HESI) And sad part is my teachers dont know how to get the information on books and practice programs that come with it.