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study tip


I have no idea how to study it is just non stop reading. Its so much reading I don't have time to go back and review. I am a junior 1 so this is my first year in nursing school it is nothing like classes before this its just information handed to you in buckets full help me please. I have phram, fundies, nursing professionals, health assessment if that helps any thanks

I absolutely love outlines. It organizes crucial information and makes it look a lot less intimidating. Also, if you're a visual learner, look up YouTube videos and diagrams that online sources provide (make sure they're accurate). There are many different study techniques and you just have to find out what works for you. Some people like flash cards, but by the time I'm done making them, we've already moved on to another section. I have a really deep distaste for them. Try different methods. I like to compare my instructor's PowerPoint slides with the book and highlight or star subjects that were mentioned frequently or emphasized during lecture.

When I was studying for peds (It was the bane of my 2nd semester existence) I made up flash cards. But instead of putting a problem/vital/blood value on the front of the card and the answer on the back, I made up my own nursing type question. For example, the front of the card would read a severely malnourished looking 14yo female presents to the ER with blisters on her fingers that are becoming infected. Her teeth are showing signs of erosion. Upon the physical exam she complains of abd pain and palpatations.... On the back of the card it would say bulimia

It wasn't a perfect NCLEX question but the flashcards really helped me think of situations and not definitions. Also, when I studied with friends it helped all of us together. I study for all of my nursing tests like that now. It helped set my mindset change from only memorizing definitions to beginning to look at the symptoms/lab values/vitals and trying to tie them together