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Iheartnursing has 12 years experience as a ASN and specializes in RN.

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  1. Can I really get done in one term

    Recently completed my RN after 11 years as an LPN and really just want to get this BSN thing done and over with for as little money as possible.... I have started the admission process at WGU after reading through the discussions here.... I am 43 y...
  2. Exploring the World of Freelance Writing for Nurses

    Loved this TY! I'm wondering about your thoughts as to if freelance writing would be a good fit for an LPN? I'm not finding any reasons why an LPN could not do this?
  3. Agency nursing and cont education

    One thing I have noticed I will be missing since becoming and agency nurse is opportunities for continuing education. Any suggestions?
  4. Yuck! med error

    The med wasn't missing from the pack I missed administering it but signed it out in error. So its an omission error....
  5. New England/Massachusetts Agency Work

    I work for expert staffing which is based out of MA. I work out of the Maine office. As an LPN I am making between $28-$33 an hour so if you ar an RN you are sure to make north of that. I make $33/ hour when I travel more than 50 miles to a job. ...
  6. Yuck! med error

    ugh! I made a med error! I feel just sick about it! I work as an agency nurse and have been working a lot in one facility. They have a hard time finding med techs (skilled/ long term care) so sometimes I get pulled and placed on meds. The other d...
  7. Finally starting but overwhelmed!

    I have been toying with getting my RN through Excelsior since I passed my NCLEX PN three years ago. Its time to start! I have finished my transcript review and it looks like they are going to make me do A&P and Micro as well as Life Span (human...
  8. Are these true or false rumors about LPN

    In Maine you are unlikely to find a job as an LPN in a hospital. However there is great employment opportunity. Working in LTC is more rewarding and educational then one may think, Skilled nursing units have more med surg than many hospitals do as ...
  9. Rn being trained by lpn?

    How funny..... We do get caught up on titles don't we..... I have trained several RN's.....I have also been insulted by some newer grads who have said to me "oh you're an LPN, you know your stuff I thought you were an RN" lol... It happens and I tr...
  10. Nursing Fund. text book

    Thank you! I found an older version for like $8 bucks! The newest version the cheapest price I found was $65.
  11. Nursing Fund. text book

    Does anyone think that it is ok to go with an older edition of the Nursing Fundamentals text? I am just starting out and I see this in the Transitions content guide. Will I bee needing it throughout?
  12. Warning on an LPN License.

    Hmm... I work as an LPN in ltc and in a physicians office. I have seen some pretty gnarly med errors and Yes they are written up, and I suppose if you continue to make careless med errors you would lose your employment. To receive discipline on yo...