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Recently completed my RN after 11 years as an LPN and really just want to get this BSN thing done and over with for as little money as possible....  I have started the admission process at WGU after reading through the discussions here....  I am 43 years old, my child is grown, and I have 3-4 days off a week...  I am hoping to get this done in one term and pay less than 4k... Sounds like a lot of you have... I am a a little concerned about transferring credits out for my Masters??? any thoughts on that? any book purchases I should be aware of?  This camera in your room for proctored exams... can't my iPhone do the same? Also, the cost is the cost correct?  I am not paying for each exam as well?  I had a previous degree prior to my LPN and RN... are they pretty good with transferring of credits?  

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I did not do the RN-BSN program but I did complete the prelicensure BSN program with is very similar so I can answer some of your questions.

There are students who have  completed the program in 1 term but from what I hear, they have speak every free minute for those 6 months focusing on school. There can be no distractions. It's not impossible but it's not easy either.

As far as transferring your credits for a Master's.. most people do not have a problem with this. There are a few school I hear won't accept WGU credits.. one of them is a Ivy league school. Here is a link of school that students have self reported to WGU that they have been accepted to after WGU  If you plan on being a CRNA, I would not suggest this school.

As far as the camera, you can not use your Iphone camera. The camera has to meet specific guidelines and spec. Also it has to be a detached camera from your computer. When you set up for an exam, you are asked to take your camera and do a 360 around the room and show your floor, ceiling and under your desk. The proctor has to be able to see you, your screen and your doorway while you are taking the exam.

All  your books and exams are included in the cost of the program. all your books are ebooks/ digital books. If you want paper books, you have to pay for them out of pocket. The only time you have to pay for an exam is if it is a 3rd attempt.
It's hard to say about credits. WGU usually take most general education credits.. but credits that was specific to your previous nursing school may not be accepted, like pharmacology or health assessment.

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