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    Good luck on your application.
  2. You won’t get any information about ordering uniforms until you have been accepted to the 2nd term. For the 1st term, you will wear whatever scrubs you want. Once you have been accepted to term 2 you will receive a link and instructions on how to order our uniforms. There is only 1 vendor so they make it easy. Casal is Fundamentals of nursing and Medical Surgical nursing. You will have an in- person clinical rotation at your assigned hospital. You will receive a preset schedule from the school and you will have to work those assigned days. This can be any day of the week ( including weekends) Iand it could be day shift or night shift. You will likely have to take off days for your clinical rotations. I have never seen anyone who has had all weekend shifts because most we have the same schedule as our preceptors and most of them work weekdays and alternating weekends. If you are on face book. Join this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1795569107142208/?ref=share
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    Accepted to WGU Pre-Lic BSN

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    Accepted to WGU Pre-Lic BSN

    UPDATE : Okay It’s time for an update. It’s been a while. The last time I updated I was in my 1st of semesters. Now I am in my 4th of 5 semesters. I have 2 months left in this semester. There was a huge change at the end of my 3rd semester. The program went from using the ATI program for learning resources and testing and now they are using the HESI program for learning and testing. They do still use ATI for the entrance exam. This was a bump in the road for many students because the programs are very different. I made it through the change and I think that the change was for the better overall. I still think that this is overall a good program but it has not been perfect. Over my time in the program I had seem MANY students fail out. This is for different reasons. Some complain that there is not enough support for students. Some complain because the program is literally self taught that they need more resources such as lectures or videos. Other were too busy to student or were unable to balance their personal lives with the high demands of the program. The one thing that has helped me get to this point is making enough time for studying and reading. It definitely is challenging at times. But I have a 8 months left to finish the program. It’s coming fast but it feels like a world away. Clinical rotations have been both good and bad. Ive had to travel over an hour for some locations and for others only 20 minutes. I have had to do both day and night shifts. I have had nurse preceptors who like to have students and welcomed me and others who didn’t want anything to do with me. When I had preceptors who didn’t want a student, the school and clinical educators was very helpful in placing me with a different nurse. Clinical rotations are different with WGU than they are with other school. Based on my understanding of other programs, there is a clinical instructor from the school attends the clinical rotations with the students. At WGU, we have Clinical Instructors who actually work for the education department with the hospitals that we have students placed. They assign us to a clinical coach/ preceptor, which is the nurse that we work with on our clinical shifts. We meet with our Clinical instructors several times during a rotation to discuss varying aspects. If we have a problem with our clinical preceptor, then we can talk to the instructor and they can try to help us. I have heard updates about different areas..I hear that in California there is a temporary hold on applications and they are not currently admitting new students. I heard a similar thing about Houston but I’m not sure if it’s true. I also heard that Houston opened their own simulation lab for students. Historically WGU has rented the labs of other nursing programs for the students to have simulation practice but now in Houston all students will go to the WGU lab and labs will no longer be on weekends, they will be Mon-Fri. I wanted to talk a little more about the program being self taught. After the 1st semester, you are provided with the course which walks you though everything you need to know to know complete the program. You read through the course and it directs you to what chapters to read or what activists to complete. It is your job to read though all of the resources and get the information in your head. Most of the course don’t have video lectures to walk you though the information. You can call or email the course mentor for guidance or speak with someone in student success but ultimately every student must figure out their learning style and how to best get the information in their head. Many students in addition to myself have used outside resources like the NCLEX review book and YouTube videos to solidify the information. It’s hard to know what information you need to know because all out exams are made by a 3rd party company (HESI) and there is no real way of knowing what they will be testing us on. I have found that the Hesi test are pretty comprehensive and cover a lot of information which means that we need to know as much as possible to pass the test. With HESI we have earn a 850 to pass the test. If we fail, there a remediation and a opportunity to take the test again. If we fail again, we have to submit a request to take the test a 3rd time. After the 3rd time, a student may have to repeat the course and be placed in another cohort. Sometimes it happens after the 2nd try depending on how much time there is left to complete the course. So if you choose this program just know that there is not hand holding here but with hard work and focus you can pass the classes.
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    WGU Prelicensure Nursing

    The originator of this post hasn’t posted in a while but I’m a current student. Maybe I can answer some of your questions?
  6. LoveJRenee

    WGU March 1st 2019 cohort SLC

    The clinical schedule is 60-72 hours every 3 months, done over 2-3 weeks, starting in the 2nd term. The actual dates wont be known until 1-2 weeks before the clinical window and is generally determined by your assigned clinical coach’s work schedule.
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    WGU / Straighterline advice?

    That's a great question. I don't know the answer to that.
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    WGU BSN Prelicensure Clinicals and Advice

    1) Do you work with your advisor to complete your clinical schedule so that it works for your work schedule and their time available? No you don't work with the advisor on the schedule. The clinical scheduling department will email you a schedule and you will be required to work around that schedule. 2) I see from the sample schedule that once clinicals start they go two to three weeks in a row. From what time do you start and end each day usually? Clinicals are 12 hr shifts (7am-7pm or 7pm to 7am). The number of hours increases the further you get into the program ...60hr (5 shifts), 72 (6 shifts) ... 3) Do they work with your work schedule since most of the people in the program are working adults? Other than the last semester which seems to be the most intense and working at this time would be difficult. No they do not work with your schedule. This programs is good for working adults because they dont have to go to a physical classroom most of the time. Many people work as many hours as they can without falling behind (that number is highly variable ) Also, I am applying to the Florida BSN Prelicensure program in November. I am a CNA and I have completed the prerequisites with all As. My overall GPA is good too (between 3.7 and 4.0). What teas score should I aim for? Also, is there anything else that I can do to increase my chances of acceptance? Sorry I cant answer this question. Each location is different as far as how well you need to score to be competitive
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    Dermatology nursing

    I've worked as a medical assistant In dermatology for 7 years (currently in nursing school) and I've only worked with an Lpn once and she functioned as a medical assistant.
  10. LoveJRenee

    So you're an RN - you must be earning big!

    I agree with you.. it very subjective and all a matter of perspective.
  11. Someone in my cohort didn't make pass the pre-clinical term. That person didn't complete all the classes successfully. It is true that you have to complete a interview with the state director before moving on. Generally if you complete all your classes and the other requiremement (vaccination, background check etc) you will move to the next part of the program. I don't know about delays with clinical sites.. I guess that a thing in some states. We are experiencing that in Texas because our program is still growing. I would not worry a lot about not getting accepted to the next part as long as you work your butt off and finish all the requirements. Don't allow yourself to get behind. Good Luck!
  12. LoveJRenee

    Starting my Journey to Nursing school

    They didn't say how many people applied but I know that 12 people were accepted. I think that to make your application stand out, in your Letter of Intent, tell your story, be sincere and real. Tell them why you want to be a nurse, any struggles getting to this point and why you think WGU would be a good school for you. I start clinicals in 3 weeks!! I'm nervous! The program is broken up into 6 month terms. The 1st semester you have 1 lab that covers some of the basics. Clinical Rotations start in the 2nd semester ( the 2nd month of that 6 month term).. which is technically the 8th month of the program. I think it is possible to have a full time job if you have good time management skill and determination. I worked full time for the 1st semester but I'm going to be going part time soon. I just rather have more time to study rather than trying to cram it in the little time I have after work. You do have to have a job that is flexible because clinical rotations happen every 8 weeks for a 2 week time period. It's 5 shifts total in those 2 weeks the 2nd term but later some of the rotations have more hours to complete
  13. LoveJRenee

    Accepted to WGU Pre-Lic BSN

    Here in Texas they are starting cohorts monthly but they probably have selected the students for several months ahead.
  14. LoveJRenee

    Staff Retention Policies

    Maybe a good place to start would be doing a unit survey. You could first yourself identify some areas that may be causing a problem then ask the nursing staff what they perceive their biggest problems to be. You can include a range of items ( understaffing, lack of relationship, underpaid, holidays, etc). Maybe you only want to include things that you have the power to change..this way people don't have unrealistic expectations of your power. Maybe your survey ask 1 question: why do nurses leave THIS unit/ floor.. leaving it open ended may get answers you didn't expect. Once you have a better idea you know you are fixing problems that are valuable to the staff.. not random problems that no one on YOUR staff cares about. Then you can use all the great advice people have posted.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to write this. When ever I doubt that nursing is right for me , usually because of fear ..i try to remind myself that there are so many different areas of nursing and that I can do this.
  16. LoveJRenee

    Accepted to WGU Pre-Lic BSN

    This program is not a bridge program. In the first term the amount of classes vary based on the classes you have previously taken. For instance, if you have taken statistics before it's possible you won't have to take it with WGU. For me I took 8 classes the first term (working on my last class now). For the next 4 term there are 6 classes, clinicals and labs. The program takes 2.5 years. There is a wealth of DETAILED information on their website. It really is good, very informative information.. even a program guide that tell you all the classes you would be taking each term. Here is the link to the program guide. https://m.wgu.edu/content/dam/western-governors/documents/programguides/2017-guides/health/BS_NUR_prelicensure.pdf If you have more specific question.. I'll be happy to answer them for you