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  1. John Hopkins BSN-DNP Fall 2022

    Do you find your own preceptors with their program ?
  2. Can I really get done in one term

  3. Can I really get done in one term

    I did not do the RN-BSN program but I did complete the prelicensure BSN program with is very similar so I can answer some of your questions. There are students who have completed the program in 1 term but from what I hear, they have speak every...
  4. Any Texas Schools Better for NICU Nurses?

    No nursing program in Texas or anywhere is going to prepare you for working in a nicu. Nicu is unlike any other unit in the hospital. To be honest, nursing school barely prepares you to be a nurse.. nursing school prepares you to pass NCLEX and ver...
  5. NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    You said your 1st you accepted a very low pay… what was that pay? What is the minimum one should accept?
  6. WGU BSN prelicensure inquiry

  7. New Grad NICU!

    This is actually really good advice, as I have found that the NICU team environment is different than other floors and genuinely getting to know you coworkers is very important as you will lean on them and they will support you and they expect the s...
  8. New Grad NICU RN!

    Congratulations! I also was selected to as a new grad to start in NICU. I started in October and I have 2 more weeks of preceptorship left.
  9. HELP super nervous for my NICU Interview

    Sorry your interview didn't go as well as you hoped. I recently interviewed too and the director only asked me 1 behavioral question. It was, tell me about a time you did an assessment and found something in the assessment that was critical to the p...
  10. HELP super nervous for my NICU Interview

    How did your go?
  11. CPSN advice

    I had a similar concern about if going into cosmetic/ aesthetic nursing as a new grad would negatively affect the future of my career. I had a few people tell me that there will always be a Med surg unit that will take me so I decided to go for it. M...
  12. WGU Prelicensure Nursing

    Join this facebook group for current and prospective students wgu prelicensure RN support group
  13. Aesthetic RN vs Aesthetic NP

    I think that you should start as a RN and get experience. It will make it a lot easier to get a job once you get you NP. I’m neither so I’m not really qualified to give advice but I have noticed that when I look for the jobs most places are asking fo...
  14. WGU 2020

    there is a wgu biochemistry FB group that I hear is very helpful to alot of students
  15. WGU Prelicensure BSN in Dallas

    check out the facebook groups.. look for "WGU prelicensure"